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tBBC Weekend Headlines: Schmidt/Felder, Haskell Garrett, Todd Sibley, High Street

Discussion in 'News' started by Joe Dexter, May 15, 2016.

  1. Joe Dexter

    Joe Dexter Guest

    Weekend Headlines: Schmidt/Felder, Haskell Garrett, Todd Sibley, High Street
    Joe Dexter
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    For college football fans, this time of the year can be rough to get through. Teams don’t start fall came for another three plus months. The continuous story line topics continue to repeat themselves from the spring as content creators run out of ideas to cover the team you’re rooting for.

    Coaches and players though continue to stay busy through the recruiting cycle, talking to future players, as the roster starts to solidify itself when decisions from months prior become official. Right now, the recruiting cycle will be the top news to follow as we inch closer to June.

    With the weekend coming to a close and before we say goodbye to free time, relaxation, and finishing up the honey-do list — here are some of the top Ohio State football headlines across the web from the weekend.

    Schmidt to Transfer; Felder will not Enroll —

    Urban Meyer has two more spots opening up on the roster before the start of the season and it looks like with the recent transfer news of offensive lineman Grant Schmidt and corner Kareem Felder not enrolling for the upcoming semester.

    There still hasn’t been word on Felder’s future but Schmidt — who is believe to be the first Ohio State commit from the state of South Dakota — might be looking to return closer to home to finish up his college career.

    According to Ari Wasserman above, the situation for Felder is academic related.

    Todd Sibley Enjoys Visit to Pitt — 24/7 Sports

    Ever since Hoban went gangbusters in the Div. III playoffs and made their run to Ohio Stadium to secure a state championship, Ohio State fans have been excited about the prospect of Todd Sibley playing for the Buckeyes as a future star running back.

    Now, after being asked to grayshirt, those dreams are becoming more and more separated from reality.

    Sibley, who ran for over 2,000 yards as a senior, recently visited the University of Pittsburgh and said everything about the experience was outstanding.

    Mike Vokovcan at Pittsburgh Sports Now spoke to Sibley about his interest in Pitt before he visited on Friday.

    “I think the one thing interest me most about Pitt is the history of great running backs that have come through Pitt. So many great names, and I feel like if I ever had the opportunity to be apart of the team then I could to be one of the great running backs to play at Pitt and make a name for myself.”

    The Ohio State commit has expressed interest in several other schools. Michigan, Missouri, Penn State, Michigan State, Virginia, and Wisconsin are all considered to be in the mix if Sibley decides to move on from Ohio State.

    Haskell Garrett still has a solid commitment to Ohio State —

    The no. 2 rated defensive tackle in the class of 2017 talked to about his current recruiting process and where he stands with his current commitment to Ohio State. Despite making the pledge to Urban Meyer and defensive line coach Larry Johnson in early February — teams like Oklahoma, UCLA and USC continue to show interest in him. They also believe they have a chance at landing the Bishop-Gorman product.

    In the video, Garrett confirms his solid commitment to Ohio State, not having plans to make any other official visits, and the recruiting process for teammates Tate Martell and Palaie Gaoteote. The quarterback and linebacker are also targets for the Ohio State coaching staff.

    High Street is the Key to linking Ohio State and Columbus — Columbus Dispatch

    While Donald Trump sits in his campaign bus, figuring out ways to build a wall across our country, the idea of tearing a figurative one down on the Ohio State campus is being talked about.

    Jim Weiker touched on High Street as the separator of the Ohio State campus and the neighborhoods surrounding.

    Wyatt contrasted OSU’s layout with that of other campuses such as MIT’s in the Boston suburb of Cambridge and Drexel University’s in Philadelphia, which have stretched their tentacles into surrounding neighborhoods.

    Architect Graham Wyatt talked about potential ideas to fix the issue at the OSU Center for Real Estate’s annual conference.

    The book “On Campus,” written by Robert A.M. Stern’s staff, cites several other examples of “embedded” campuses, including the University of Michigan’s and Miami University’s in Ohio.

    In those university towns and others — Iowa City also comes to mind — it’s possible to walk from the campus to the town without noticing you’ve crossed a border.

    That can’t be said about Ohio State, where High Street serves as a firm line of demarcation between campus and civilian life.

    The intersection of 15th Avenue and High Street in particular remains a “diamond in the rough,” Wyatt said.

    “There’s huge potential at that intersection,” Wyatt said. “It’s primed for new commercial development.”

    Reeves tackles new hockey chance at Ohio State — LaCrosse Tribune

    Joe Mellenbruch has a great feature on Jacyn Reeves, who will be transferring from Union College to play at Ohio State. Reeves scored 5 goals as a freshman and ranked second in points for the Dutchwomen.

    “I’m really excited,” Reeves said. “I totally believe in their program, and Jenny Potter definitely knows what she’s talking about. I’m really excited to work with them, and if I give it my all, which I’m going to do, I’m really excited to see where it takes me. I think I can accomplish a lot.”

    Video: #DontLose the Spring Game unless you enjoy playing with mulch

    Lessons learned at Buckeye Grove today:

    1. Don't wear Jordans while mulching.
    2. Don't lose the Spring Game.

    — Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) May 13, 2016

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