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Weird Twitter follower

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by bassbuckeye07, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. bassbuckeye07

    bassbuckeye07 Junior

    ...didnt know where to put this but wanted to see if anyone had insight on this...I have a twitter account and dont tweet very often but I picked up a follower that is weird...I know everyone gets spammers and crap like that but this person only tweets in Arabic and everyone he follows except me is Arabic. I ran his tweets through google translate and they are all Q'uaran quotes for the most part...he has lots of followers who are all Arabic as well. I will say my avatar is a picture of me on a street in Iraq in uniform of course. Why the fk would this person follow me especially if they wernt trying to get me to upload a virus or somthing?

    Figured Buckeyeplanet could get to the bottom of this
  2. Mac

    Mac That's a pain in the buns

    Cults man
  3. bassbuckeye07

    bassbuckeye07 Junior

    So Penn State fan?
  4. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    Congrats on making it onto the Do Not Fly list!
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
  5. buckeyescott11

    buckeyescott11 Sophmore

    I've gotten a bunch of odd followers but usually they come and go. From people speaking in Arabic to porn stars, I've had odd people follow me but it's just part of twitter I guess.
  6. Mac

    Mac That's a pain in the buns

    If you block them, they are removed from your followers
  7. Mike80

    Mike80 Avenge Woody

    Start posting pictures of hog roasts and other stuff like that :evil:
  8. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri Sending out an SOS

    Make your twitter account private, then they can't automatically follow you.
  9. Deety

    Deety Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride Staff Member

    Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
  10. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck 2014 National Champions!

    Just stay away from me.

    Okay? Just stay away from me.
  11. bassbuckeye07

    bassbuckeye07 Junior

    I know right?!? you totally get me @insomnia0987
  12. bassbuckeye07

    bassbuckeye07 Junior

    Muck likes this.
  13. GomerBucks

    GomerBucks Gomer

    That arabic translates to

    "I remember two and Lance two, but who remember them, God and death, and As for who Tnsahma, Vahsank"

    What ever the Fuck that means.
  14. bassbuckeye07

    bassbuckeye07 Junior

    Yeah I translated a bunch of his tweets and they are mostly Hadetha's or Koran quotes...some Arabic poetry. Dug deeper and found a web site with his artwork. Again I was the only American he was following...the first think I thought about was my avatar with Iraq in the back drop and that I also follow the Pope...strike one and two or spam I don't know...I blocked him
  15. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    I should ding you just for the Carpenters reference...:pissed:

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