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LGHL What if every Ohio State 1st-rounder ever was picked in the 2016 NFL Draft?

Discussion in 'News' started by Ian Hartitz, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Ian Hartitz

    Ian Hartitz Guest

    What if every Ohio State 1st-rounder ever was picked in the 2016 NFL Draft?
    Ian Hartitz
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    What if all 67 Ohio State first round picks were eligible for this year's NFL Draft?

    Ezekiel Elliott is must see TV at all times. The same guy that tickled the Sugar Bowl president also "salmoned" Urban Meyer, and most recently Elliott took his entertaining self to Bristol to tell the world how he saw the first 10 picks of the NFL Draft shaping up.

    This most recent display was so beautiful to see. A first round with one Ohio State Buckeye after another coming off the board. Scarlet and gray everywhere. What if ... this was possible?

    Look, I'm as tired of mock drafts as you are. I've seen Joey Bosa go from the consensus number one overall pick to potentially falling to the Chicago Bears at number 11. It's going to be very exciting to watch the likes of Bosa, Elliott, Darron Lee, Taylor Decker and hopefully another Buckeye or two hear their name called in the first round; I'm just ready for it to actually happen and tired of the buildup at this point.

    So let's make things a bit more interesting in the ever evolving world of mock drafts. In Ohio State's storied history they have produced 67 first round picks. While some continued to find success at the professional level, others faded and had their names lost over time.

    Imagine, somewhere deep inside the Ohio State utopia that is Land-Grant Holy Land, a 2016 one-round NFL Draft, with the only possible selections being the 67 Ohio State first round picks at the time of their declaration.

    That's right, NFL success be damned, let's find out how this year's NFL draft would turn out if it was 100 percent Buckeyes themed.

    1. Los Angeles Rams: Quarterback Art Schlichter

    The new franchise in Los Angeles snags the only Buckeye quarterback to ever be drafted in the first round. Schlichter upon being drafted, fiddles with his phone for a few seconds, grins, and happily becomes the new face of the Los Angeles Rams.

    2. Philadelphia Eagles: Running back Eddie George

    With many once pegging Elliott to the Eagles in boring real mock drafts, the bell cow Eddie George makes sense here with OSU lacking first round worthy quarterbacks. Sorry, Carson Wentz.

    3. San Diego: Offensive Tackle Orlando Pace

    Just like what may happen in real life, the nearly unanimous top prospect falls to the Chargers at number three thanks to the Los Angeles trade. The Heisman finalist Pace could possibly make Philip Rivers happy for once, until they both realize they could be playing in Los Angeles.

    4. Dallas Cowboys: Defensive Tackle Dan Wilkinson

    During a heated debate in the Cowboys' war room, Stephen Jones tackles Jerry Jones attempting to sneak an Eddie George draft card to Roger Goodell. Upon tying up Jerry, the Cowboys continue their recent surprising run of smart picks with the selection of Dan ‘Big Daddy' Wilkinson. A slight fall for the 1994 number one overall pick, but the 6'4, 340 lb Wilkinson will undoubtedly make his presence felt wherever he goes.

    5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cornerback Shawn Springs

    Did someone say lockdown corner?

    6. Baltimore: Linebacker Tom Cousineau

    Best player available as usual for Baltimore, as they grab the 1979 number one overall pick. While Cousineau's NFL success was limited, he was traded for O.J. Simpson, then later for Jim Kelly. That has to count for something, right?

    7. San Francisco 49ers: Linebacker A.J. Hawk

    In-his-prime A.J. Hawk and Navarro Bowman together is a scary thought.

    8. Cleveland Browns: Defensive End Vernon Gholston

    Ohio State's single season sack leader with 14, Gholston goes to the Browns as a can't miss pass rush prospect ready to turn things around in Cleveland. The lesson of this pick is that even imaginary mock drafts don't like the Browns. But hey, at least Gholston took out the three most important mid-2000s Wolverines on the same play that one time:

    9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Offensive Tackle Chris Ward

    The former number four overall pick will help protect Jameis Winston's blindside for years to come.

    10. New York Giants: Wide Receiver David Boston

    Odell Beckham Jr., you thought bumping heads with Josh Norman was cool? Meet David Boston:

    11. Chicago Bears: Linebacker Ryan Shazier

    If you don't pay much attention to the NFL, just know that the early returns on Shazier are *very good* and he looks to be every bit the prototype NFL linebacker everyone thought he would be.

    12. New Orleans: Offensive Guard John Hicks

    There used to be a time where offensive guards went third overall in drafts. Specifically, 1974, when the two time All-American (and second place Heisman finisher!) went to the New York Giants to play a short NFL career.

    13. Miami Dolphins: Running back/cornerback Howard Cassady

    The 1955 Heisman winner, Howard "Hopalong" Cassady played both running back and cornerback at Ohio State, making him the perfect match for a Dolphins team needing all of the above.

    14. Oakland Raider: Linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer

    A big jump up from his real draft spot of 28, Katzenmoyer never got to see his NFL dreams play out for the New England Patriots due to a neck injury. But here in this mock draft, Katzenmoyer goes to Oakland to play out a long and successful NFL career.

    15. Tennessee Titans: Offensive Tackle Korey Stringer

    RIP to the beast whose tragic death in Viking training camp rightfully ended the idiotic "water is for the weak" phase of football.

    16. Detroit Lions: Cornerback Nate Clements

    At one point the highest paid defensive player ever.

    17. Atlanta Falcons: Tight End Rickey Dudley

    Dudley may have been born 10 years too soon, as this athletic tight end would be BFFs with Matt Ryan and the pass happy Falcons.

    18. Indianapolis Colts: Wide Receiver Joey Galloway

    Joey, meet Andrew Luck. Andrew, meet Joey Galloway.

    19. Buffalo Bills: Defensive End Will Smith

    RIP to one of the most crucial member of the 2002 National Champion winning Buckeyes. If you haven't checked out Saints coach Sean Payton's remarks on Smith, you should.

    20. New York Jets: Linebacker Randy Gradishar

    The player who Woody Hayes called "The best linebacker I ever coached" gets to play with one of the best defensive lines in football.

    21. Washington Football Team: Safety Jack Tatum

    Take a look at the play below and you'll see just one example of why Tatum is the best safety to ever play at Ohio State

    22. Houston Texans: Cornerback Malcolm Jenkins

    With Jenkins still regularly making plays on Fall Sundays, I wouldn't bank on a scheme or team change making Jenkins any less successful.

    23. Minnesota Vikings: Wide Receiver Terry Glenn

    You know who needs a deep threat? Teddy Bridgewater.

    24. Cincinnati Bengals: Wide Receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

    If Ginn has a few more good years left in him, it's going to be awfully hard to dismiss him as anything less than one of the better Ohio State receivers ever.

    25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Safety Donte Whitner

    Hitner falls to 25th in this draft, but the dude still almost legally changed his last name to a pun so I'm sure he'll figure things out.

    26. Seattle Seahawks: Cornerback Antoine Winfield

    Just like how Eli Apple would be a great fit in Seattle this year, Antoine Winfield ... well okay he actually got cut by Seattle in 2013 to end his 14 year NFL career, but 27 career interceptions are still more than enough to squeeze into the most loaded first round of all time.

    27. Green Bay Packers: Offensive Tackle Jim Lachey

    A 10 year career highlighted by three pro bowls, the 1984 first team All-American Lachey could help Aaron Rodgers throw less Hail Marys this year.

    28. Kansas City: Cornerback Ahmed Plummer

    By this point you've realized Ohio State has consistently produced high quality cornerbacks for years, and Plummer is no exception.

    29. Arizona Cardinals: Center Nick Mangold

    Best player available kind of pick. Mangold's first round selection by the Jets has more than paid off.

    30. Carolina Panthers: Cornerback Bradley Roby

    The Panthers already have enough Buckeyes on the offensive side of the ball, so Roby will help even things out.

    31. Denver Broncos: Running back Archie Griffin

    Who else could it be?

    32. New England Patriots: lol j/k

    Apparently Michigan doesn't like to teach their students the effects of cold on air pressure.

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