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where can I find that picture...

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by BuckeyeTrail, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. BuckeyeTrail

    BuckeyeTrail Michael Jenkins...does it again!!!

    of the michigan cheerleader giving Brutus head?
  2. BuckeyeSoldier

    BuckeyeSoldier 2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion

    It was moved to the romper room.
  3. Sdgobucks

    Sdgobucks Pig on a wing

    Call me a newbie but I don't know what the romper room is?? Any one have a link? Thanks.
  4. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

  5. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    anyone else have the tshirt? picked it up free at Panini's a few years ago.
  6. So, how do you get the password for the Romper Room?
  7. Bucktastic

    Bucktastic Troy Smith for HEISMAN

    I know....wish I still had mine. :(
  8. OilerBuck

    OilerBuck Sweet Crude

    PM Mili. I don't think we are allowed to give it to you because of some restrictions.

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