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LGHL Where does Ohio State stand after a wild week of transfers in the Big Ten?

Discussion in 'News' started by Grant Freking, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Where does Ohio State stand after a wild week of transfers in the Big Ten?
    Grant Freking
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes lost three players, but they were were not only Big Ten team impacted by player defections.

    Ohio State was far from the only Big Ten program to experience roster attrition to begin the offseason, as a total of 16 players have left Big Ten rosters over the past week.

    Having said that, the Buckeyes -- or Rutgers, depending on your point of view -- were the program hardest-hit by transferring players, as Ohio State not only lost three players, but three players who were each former four-star recruits.

    Let's recount the transfers from the past week and examine the fallout.


    Ohio State: freshman center Daniel Giddens

    Michigan State: sophomore forwards Javon Bess and Marvin Clark Jr.

    Purdue: freshman point guard Grant Weatherford

    Michigan: senior guard Spike Albrecht


    Ohio State: freshman forward Mickey Mitchell and freshman guard A.J. Harris

    Michigan: sophomore center Ricky Doyle

    Rutgers: freshman guard Justin Goode


    Rutgers: freshman forward Tanner Borchardt, sophomore center Jacob Hammond, and freshman guard Johnny Trueblood

    Iowa: freshman forward Brandon Hutton


    Purdue: junior guard Kendall Stephens

    Iowa: freshman guard Andrew Fleming


    Rutgers: sophomore forward Dwayne Foreman

    What does all this craziness mean, and how is Ohio State impacted?

    Last week, Thad Matta sounded unfazed by the departures of Daniel Giddens, A.J. Harris, and Mickey Mitchell. And while the Buckeyes stand to return their top six scorers (assuming Trevor Thompson puts off his professional ambitions) the transfers have cut into Ohio State's depth. Behind what is now commonly referred to the Buckeyes' core (Thompson, JaQuan Lyle, Keita Bates-Diop, Marc Loving, Jae'Sean Tate, Kam Williams), Matta presently only has one other player (David Bell) who played college basketball in 2015-16.

    To this point, there have been no stars to transfer in or out of the Big Ten, However, Purdue losing Kendall Stephens and Grant Weatherford could reduce the Boilermakers' ceiling next winter and in turn aide Ohio State's presumed rise.

    Stephens, a 36 percent 3-point shooter, fell out of Matt Painter's rotation in late January and his exit shifts all of the pressure at shooting guard on Dakota Mathias and Ryan Cline. Weatherford, who Painter once likened to two-time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Chris Kramer, could've seen minutes at point guard in 2016-17 behind P.J. Thompson, and his transfer is a blow to the Boilermakers' weakest position, as Purdue has partly relied on graduate transfers at the point for two consecutive years. When factoring in the departures of seniors Rapheal Davis and A.J. Hammons, it's hard to see the Boilermakers matching this season's 26-9 (12-6 Big Ten) mark next winter, leaving room for a team like Ohio State to make up ground.

    However, the Buckeyes' place as a fringe contender in the pre-NBA early entry 2016-17 Big Ten pecking order is the same as it was before a week of crazy player movement. That could change once we know who will not be returning to school.

    Random thoughts: From a pure numbers standpoint, Rutgers' five player defections were the most in the Big Ten. However, only Dwayne Foreman and Justin Goode were the only two transfers among the top eight Scarlet Knights in minutes played in 2015-16. ... Spike Albrecht (hip surgeries) missed most of last season and is arguably the most recognizable name on this list. Provided he can secure a medical hardship waiver, Albrecht -- a career 40 percent shooter from 3 -- could be a valuable bench asset, perhaps even for another Big Ten team as John Beilein will allow Albrecht -- who wasn't going to play over rising senior Derrick Walton, Jr. and incoming four-star freshman Xavier Simpson -- and Ricky Doyle to transfer to wherever they please. ... Michigan State is more than deep enough to handle the exits of Javon Bess and Marin Clark Jr., and the departures of the two forwards seemingly opens the door even wider for five-star freshman Miles Bridges and Joshua Langford to net major minutes in 2016-17.

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