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Xbox owners

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by diehardbuckeye, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. To any of you Xbox owners out there I have a problem that I am wanting to pass along. I got my Xb when the price dropped about 3 years ago now, which was an earlier verison of the system. Well I also purchased the remote to make the DVD available. In the last month I have been having a problem with being able to play new games. It turns out talking with a coworker he found out that when you play your DVD's in the first ones it messes up the hardware/software and makes it unable to read the newer games that are coming out. When the problem happens they want to you send it back to the for $92 plus shipping and handling in order for them to fix it. So you will probably be looking at just picking up a new system.
    In no way do I intend this to sound like I am bashing the system I LOVE my Xbox it is just a problem that I wanted to bring to the attention to others.
  2. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    If you're getting the disc dirty or damaged message, it's possible you just have some corrupted files on your HDD. If that's the case, the only quick and easy way to find out is to nuke everything. I saved my important files to memcards first, stuck them back on one at a time, and that worked for my old XB. If it persists, you may need to send the unit in to be serviced. I've had to do this twice, both times I managed to talk Microsoft into covering it under warranty, even though mine had expired. Sure, they'll push the $90 deal, but I haven't had to pay it yet.

    Finally, there are some games that don't respond well to some of the drives. I forget which, but there were a whole block of Xboxes shipped with problematic drives. This is what I attributed my problems to when I had mine serviced, which may well have been what got the free rides.

    None of this is unique to Xbox. Back when I was writing for the gaming industry, I had all the consoles and logged more hours on them than I care to think about (at least I was getting paid for it). I've only ever had one system that survived my abuse and uptime throughout its entire life, and that was the Sega Dreamcast. All of the rest of them have been serviced or replaced.

    One last note, if you can't talk them into the free servicing, don't pay $90 to get a factory refurbished model. With the price down to $149, you're better off trading in your old one as-is towards a new one at a place like Electronics Boutique. You'll end up spending less to have a brand new unit, and will probably get a couple free games to boot.
  3. ScarletNGry

    ScarletNGry Moderator Staff Member

    I have had the same trouble. It seems to be the same with PS2. My first PS2 worked great until I let my girls watch a disney movie on it. I put it in and they did not touch it, but shortly after that the DVD reader in the systen was messed up and it would not play games anymore. I called Sony and they said the original PS2 have had that problem for a while, but they assured me the new PS2s that are out now can play DVDs without problems later. I have not and do not plan on trying tho. Thanks for the heads up tho.
  4. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    First of all, check your HDD for corrupted files, like C-dog said. Your Xbox can recognize some corrupted files, so go through all of your files and see what it says.

    Second, there is a known, although not readily admitted problem with the DVD drives in the first run of Xboxes. They put in some really crappy drives in that first run, and if you go to the forums and run a search on "Thompson drive" or something to that effect, you are likely to find much more on this. I was getting DDEs all the time, even on brand-new games. I read in those forums that MS had acknowledged this problem to a certain extent, providing for the completely free replacement of the drive in Xboxes manufactured before a certain date. I don't quite remember what the cutoff was, but if you go to those forums, I'm sure you'll find mention of it. Also, your Xbox's manufacture date is printed on the bottom of your Xbox. I know mine fell before this date, so I called up their hotline and bitched at them, making sure I pointed out that this was a widely known and acknowledged problem, and that other people had had their faulty drives replaced for free, even outside of the Manufacturer's Warranty. I also pointed out that being one of their earliest supporters and customers, that I deserved some measure of satisfaction on the issue. They complied, and my Xbox was shipped out and all problems were fixed. FREE OF CHARGE, NO SHIPPING!

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  5. Hubbard

    Hubbard Administrator's Staff Member Bookie

    Dirty Disc is due to your DVD player going, XBox had 3-4 different models of DVD drives and some are more prone to this such as the Thompson drive on mine. It's not goign tot get any better, so jsut hope it lasts AND if you really wanted to, you could just buy a DVD drive and install that instead.
  6. How do I clean all that crap up? Can someone PM me to let me know please? I guess I made the mistake of calling them first to find out what the problem was. I should have come here or at least to C-Dog. The problem seems to be only with new games because I can load in NCAA 2004 w/out a problem and all the other games that I have but the 2 newest I have tried, Mafia and Buffy 2 Chaos Bleeds it will not let me play. Thanks guys for all the help.
  7. OK. I went out and picked up a new system, worked a ton of OT to do so. I get it home and now I am trying to move the saves from my old system to the new but there seems to be no way to do it with a memory card. So here is my latest question.
    Please if anybody know how to do this let me know. I am willing give up my NCAA info but not the hours I have log on such games as Splinter Cell and others.
  8. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    Yeah, they could have done a better job with the interface on this. I ran into the same confusion when I had to xfer stuff from one to another.

    You have to copy the individual save game files, and not the folders. So for example, when you're at a game folder with a large round icon on the left, and a folder full of small round file icons, go highlight one of those, hit A, and Copy will be an option. If you just do the folder level, you'll only see Delete.

    The only real bite in the butt is that you cannot copy your EA Sports Bio. So I'm 50something on one box, and 20 on the other.

    BTW, don't normally plug games, but Thief: Deadly Shadows was a lot of fun, and had a section that was literally flat-out scary. Lol.
  9. Thanks C-Dog you DA MAN!!! :bow:
    I will have to check out that game though. Have you tried Full Spectrum yet? My boss told me that they were over 2 hours in the training level. But from everything that I have seen and read that game looks incredible.
    Also any thought or intrest in a video game board or thread?

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