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Ohio State vs Minnesota - 10/30/2010 (Torrent)

Discussion in '2010 Football Torrents' started by Esoteria, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Esoteria

    Esoteria Newbie

    Waiting for upload - will edit post with info

    BUCKDUBBS007 Torrent WHAT? HUH? WHO?

    File Name: Ohio State at Minnesota.mp4
    File Size: 2.25GB
    Video Length: 02:13:10
    Video Size: 848 x 480
    Video Data Rate: 2257kbps
    Total Bitrate: 2417kbps
    Video Framerate: 29fps
    Audio Bitrate: 159kbps
    Audio Channels: 2 (Stereo)




    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2010
  3. BuckeyeKilla

    BuckeyeKilla Rookie

    Thanks for getting this up quickly.

    BUCKDUBBS007 Torrent WHAT? HUH? WHO?

    LOL I always get it up quickly :lol:
  5. Esoteria

    Esoteria Newbie

    That's what she said. lol.

    BUCKDUBBS007 Torrent WHAT? HUH? WHO?

    hahaha I just noticed the lady on the left of the penguin guys screenshot, she looks like she is going to murder some poor schmuck.
  7. rickoney

    rickoney Newbie


    Hello all,

    Am new to this board and am having trouble downloading the torrents, either directly or thru vuse.

    We live overseas and would love dearly to watch the football games from home...

    First, if I try to download it directly thru a link, the file seems to show up incomplete when I try to unzip it,


    when I click on the torrent, seems there is no one seeding the games.

    Any help would be greatly apprecited,

    BUCKDUBBS007 Torrent WHAT? HUH? WHO?

    The direct links are broken after a week to make room on the server for the new game. If you are looking for old games, just do exactly like you did and ask someone to seed the torrent and someone should be able to do so.

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