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Nov 25, 2020 at 8:30 AM
Jan 21, 2008
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TSUN GIVE A DAMN METER: 0%, from (513)

Torrents Sep 30, 2014

BUCKDUBBS007 was last seen:
Nov 25, 2020 at 8:30 AM
    1. Prateek Palsule
      Prateek Palsule
      Hey, out of curiousity, are you going to be making a thread for the 2020 season? Thanks
    2. abfarmer
      Found the thread of your 2019 uploads from an 11w post. Thanks so much for going out of your way to do this! I would have happily paid a service to watch them, but no one offered that.
    3. jwinslow
      Any chance you could send me a clip?

      from youtube timeline: 2:56:55 (6 sec or so): samuel runs out, and some handsome dude in a green shirt takes pictures of him :lol:
      1. BUCKDUBBS007
        Sent you a DM with it!
        Dec 2, 2016
    4. ghbuckeye112
      love your torrents they are soo clear
    5. BUCKDUBBS007
    6. BJNemec
      Hey BuckDubbs007 Loved your torrents, I was attempting to encode. Took awhile but I got a good copy of the spring game. How can I add a torrent to the Spring Game page
      1. BUCKDUBBS007
        just upload the torrent and then post it in the section the tracker for the site was never updated with the new site.
        May 5, 2014
    7. cataboy3
      thanks so much for posting the torrents; will you be doing this next year? I'm going to the peace corps next year and this'll be my only way to watch the games!!!
    8. twister55
      I like the new forum look
    9. BUCKYLE
      :lol: Sweet pic.

      There's a two page thread about Hyde in the rumor mill. Instructions on how to join should be listed in the FAQ. No real info yet, with one possible exception.
    10. gilgrill
      I think I posted a message to the wrong person. I think I got it know. I just wanted to say thank you for uploading this torrent. I am currently in the USAF and am stationed overseas. I dont have access to watch any of these games, except for streaming or downloading. I just wanted to say thank you for hooking a fellow buckeye up! Keep up the great work and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I will definitely seed. Buckeye for life stationed in Seoul, South Korea!
    11. LiveForPeace
      Hey BUCKDUBBS007, I hope all is well. Do you think you could still upload a copy of the spring game?? It seems that Best Buckeye had some serious trouble with uploading the game. Thanks.
    12. BUCKDUBBS007
      I have to recap it since the dvr cut off the last 4 minutes. Will up it accordingly.
    13. mgovideo
      Spring game torrent?
    14. redguard117
      what's a torrent :D
    15. madlaw28
      Sorry didn't see it
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