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Dec 5, 2020 at 11:21 AM
Feb 6, 2005
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August 1
In the State of Confusion
Retired from the work-a-day world

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Too soon old, too late smart, from In the State of Confusion

calibuck was last seen:
Viewing thread, Dec 5, 2020 at 11:21 AM
    1. Gatorubet
      Right back atcha.
    2. Clarity
    3. MaxBuck
      "Terroir" - has the same root as our "territory." The term is intended to refer to the unique characteristics that a particular region, village, vineyard or even smaller location lends to a wine. The French (it seems to me) have often made their wines to accentuate the locational characteristics at the expense of high fruit flavor. I usually prefer my wines to be fruitier than the French usually like to make them. However, some of the pricier Bordeaux have a lot of fruit to go with their structure, and great red Burgundies always have outstanding depth of fruit.

      Drink up! I sure will. :)
    4. matt_thatsme
      Crimping the right elbow to the body makes sense. Often times, the right hand hit is caused by the arms taking over the swing. Crimping the right elbow makes it a body dominated swing. When I am really hitting the ball well, I feel like my elbow is glued to my right side. I guess once you get that down, you just need to watch for early extension, otherwise you won't have room to get the arms through.
    5. brodybuck21
      lol i dont think we are. the amount of ohio kids alone interested in scum is enough to make me uneasy
    6. Gatorubet
      We imprison illegals all of the time. We have too many in our jails. Sorry if I was unclear about that.
    7. jwinslow
      Thanks. I usually watch on Mondays, unless it is MSU, then the recording gets misplaced. :D
    8. Muck
      Yes Flags of Our Fathers is a great book if you are interested in the topic. It is as much about the flag raisers and their lives both before & after the battle than it is about Iowa Jima. The details about their time during the war bond drives are especially poignant. If you've seen the movie you know much of the story...but the book is still worth reading.
    9. PlanetFrnd
      Happy Birthday, brother... hope its a good one
    10. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet Birthday shout out to calibuck!
      Enjoy your special day and
      age with grace!
    11. BUCKYLE


      SEC cheerleader? :shake: I thought you were better than that.
    12. knapplc
      I messed up on that +1 post. I got a kick out of your line, "This is where [Mark May] looks into the camera..." Great use of the censor.
    13. BUCKYLE
      Thanks man! The pic was taken during the five minutes she wasn't screaming. :lol: Yes, I def gave you rep. When they switched servers, everything from that day...rep, posts, all that stuff was lost. I'll hook you up again tho. It deserved it.
    14. gracelhink
      You are right No excuses, should never pick against the Bucks!
      My superstition sometimes messes with my old mind!:D
    15. TDG
      I have no idea, I don't even see a post by you in that thread. Not sure what happened there... I don't even usually give negative rep since it feels a bit petty.

      I'll give you positive rep on some random post to make up for it though.
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    August 1
    In the State of Confusion
    Retired from the work-a-day world
    Favorite Program:
    golf, daughter's teams, OSU sports
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