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Jul 5, 2018
Sep 27, 2004
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The Natti
The maker of the magic powder

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Brawndo's got electrolytes..., from The Natti

Folanator was last seen:
Jul 5, 2018
    1. jwinslow
      Are you coming to the poker party?
    2. muffler dragon
      muffler dragon
      Glad you dug the flick. It's intense, thought-provoking, and enjoyable.
    3. c-rowbuckeye
      If you do dislike the music for a show, please, please, please write the directors! We've been trying to get them to play more enjoyable music for years now! We know Joe Football isn't going to give a rats ass about a broadway or a jazz show! Only fan feedback will help!
    4. Folanator
    5. CentralMOBuck
      Watch Live Wisconsin Badgers vs Ohio State

      There's a link to a stream of the game today.
    6. Folanator
      Get snus at

      They have mint flavored. I would get a sample pack and try a few. It is not as full a flavor as US loose, you top lip it. Less saliva. No spit.
      I loved Cope, but it really was quite easy to quit using this stuff. I use the Nick and Jonny Strong and the general brands. The black is moister, the white is dry. Do a google and you can get more info off some discussion formums.
      I have been off cope for 3 months and my gums have fully recovered.
    7. reagdog
      Hey, what's up with that Swedish Snush stuff? I chew Skoal and want to quit and haven't been successful trying. Where do you buy it and what does it taste like? Thanks
    8. Gatorubet
    9. JCOSU86
      Shut up and play yer guitar, you Jardyass kisser

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    Home Page:
    The Natti
    The maker of the magic powder
    1986 Grad tOSU. Played Lacross and Club Hockey in college

    Work, kids, triathlon & endurance sports



    Just bouncin' along...
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