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Sep 22, 2019 at 9:27 PM
Jun 16, 2003
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Silver Surfer, from Weimar Banana Republic

lvbuckeye was last seen:
Sep 22, 2019 at 9:27 PM
    1. jwinslow
      1. lvbuckeye likes this.
    2. MD Buckeye
      MD Buckeye
      Deleted your last post in the Spring Game thread. It will lead to a war/thread going to shit. Sorry bro.
      1. lvbuckeye likes this.
    3. lvbuckeye
      i have no idea actually, lol. i just know it was a bit more than 10k, and it definitely wasn't a nice round number. no worries though, i haven't made a vbet in a pretty long time. thanks!
    4. Deety
      Is your vcash wrong? Do you know about what you had?
    5. knapplc
      Hah! Ignore that PM I sent you. I just figured out what you were responding to - my comment on The Princess Bride. Now I'm intrigued what he sent you. Anything that you could share?
    6. gracelhink
      Big Buckeye Planet Birthday shout out to lvbuckeye!

      Enjoy your special day and age with grace!
    7. MD Buckeye
      MD Buckeye
      lol wow. i stopped going on there for awhile, but i just opened a 2010-2011 NCAA thread. it's pretty dead lol
    8. MD Buckeye
      MD Buckeye
      just noticed, wtf you get banned for on h-t? :lol:
    9. LordJeffBuck
      I think that he's a regional guy for E!Spin, and that he sometimes writes articles for other (non-OSU) sites ... but I'm pretty sure that he's still primarily with Bucknuts.
    10. jwinslow
      fantasy question, if you had favre, mcnabb & romo, but needed a top wr...

      would you deal romo/cribbs for welker/crabtree?

      roster backstory:
      FF advice
    11. jwinslow
      lavar's play was spectacular, but I've seen other players leap over the LOS head-on. I'm not sure I've seen a true leapfrog sack over a tackle ('s back) before :lol:
    12. MaxBuck
      back at you, buddy.
    13. BUCKYLE
      Merry Christmas lv.
    14. lvbuckeye
      hmm... i like etymology. but is it still etymology when it comes to phrases as well? like "raining cats and dogs?" or is that something different?
    15. smithlabs
      What about WTF? :)

      You know Oregon used to send recuits personalized comic books before they got their hand's slapped. Here is Jonathen Stewart's as an example - Oregon's Jonathan Stewart Comic Book - Photos -

      So Etymology is the study of word origins.

      <DT class=hwrd>Main Entry: <DD class=hwrd>mal- </DD><DT class=func>Function: <DD class=func>combining form </DD><DT class=ety>Etymology: <DD class=ety>Middle English, from Anglo-French, from mal bad (from Latin malus) & mal badly, from Latin male, from malus </DD>and lard

      <DT class=hwrd>Main Entry: <DD class=hwrd><SUP>2</SUP>lard </DD><DT class=func>Function: <DD class=func>noun </DD><DT class=ety>Etymology: <DD class=ety>Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin lardum, laridum; perhaps akin to Greek larinos fat </DD><DT class=date>Date: <DD class=date>14th century </DD>: a soft white solid or semisolid fat obtained by rendering fatty pork
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    April 9
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    Weimar Banana Republic
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