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Jan 31, 2019
Jan 15, 2006
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MONTbigBuck was last seen:
Jan 31, 2019
    1. MD Buckeye
      MD Buckeye
      Turned your Jackson post in to a thread
    2. Muck
      I actually respect Vai as a guitarist. It's just the metalhead fans that drive me nuts. Ask Vai if he thinks he is more talented than Ry Cooder.
    3. RB07OSU
      Actually I'm not sure I did say why but I got a scholarship to go to law school at University of Idaho. I'm loving the outdoors scene (skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking so far) and the Pacific Northwest in general. And no worries about the blue turf, I've already been assimilated to hate Boise State haha.
    4. LitlBuck
      You sent your PM to a post on your own profile which is below this note. You must be in my profile to send me a note or I will never see it. You must select private message to send me a PM. Hope this explains things:)
    5. MONTbigBuck
      I think all the scenarios have been well covered in the last several posts. I am a long way from this situation. I am in no way an insider. Just an ex-small school player with an opinion, like alot of guys on the board. We all have something to add, and in this case when the scenario looks potentially bleak I don't think it was harmful to point out some positive explanations to what may be going on. I don't believe we have heard yet of problems with either players core GPA's. This in not an Eric Howard situation to my knowledge at this point. There is still hope, at least to my knowledge. Between now and June someone is going to have to get through to each of these guys the direness of the situation, and the finality of thier ACT result. Much of what we do as fans on BP is try and read the tea leaves to predict what will happen, particularily in recruiting. With regard to the subject at hand it is easy to see why most are concerned with how this is playing out. I am also. Just understand as a fellow passionate fan and fellow bper, that I am in no way trying to diminish yours and others obvious deductions that this could be bad news for the '10 class, by myself trying to inject some positive thinking to the discussion. Lets hope this all works out in June.
    6. LitlBuck
      Yes. Please save the geraniums. I appreciate your comment. However, OSU_Buckguy is much more knowledgeable about basketball than me. I think he travels quite a bit.
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