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26 Ohio State Student Athletes Graduate

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jimotis4heisman, Dec 14, 2004.


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    John Hollins

    </TD><TD noWrap width=3></TD><TD vAlign=top>Twenty-Six OSU Athletes Receive Degrees
    By Staff
    Date: Dec 13, 2004

    Twenty-six Ohio State student-athletes, including football wide receiver John Hollins, received their bachelor’s degrees during autumn commencement ceremonies Sunday. Click this free link for the list.
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    Twenty-six Ohio State student-athletes received their bachelor’s degrees during autumn commencement ceremonies Sunday.

    Among those graduating were All-Big Ten men’s golf honoree Zachary Doran, women’s soccer co-captain Emily Haynam, field hockey All-American Vanessa Immordino and All-American pitcher Josh Newman.

    From the football squad, wide receiver John Hollins and one-time walk-ons Roshawn Parker and Bryce Culver received degrees.

    Doran, (Dublin, Ohio/Columbus Academy) a two-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete, played a key role in the Buckeyes’ three-round record of 845 in the 2004 Big Ten Championship and helped Ohio State secure the conference title. During the 2002-03 campaign, Doran was named PING All-America Honorable Mention, PING All-Region Midwest Team and first team All-Big Ten for his consistent play throughout the season.

    A native of Westerville, Ohio, Haynam (Westerville South) was a two-sport student-athlete, competing on the women’s soccer and basketball squads. During the team’s 2004 campaign, Haynam was the goalie on a squad that compiled a program-best 19 wins and advanced to the NCAA round of 8. Haynam ended her career second in the Buckeye record books in goals against average with 0.76 and is third in career shutouts with 13. Haynam also is fourth in career saves with 169. During her tenure with the Ohio State women’s basketball team (2000-2004), Haynam helped lead the squad to two-consecutive NCAA appearances in 2003 and 2004. Academically, Haynam is a four-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and was an Academic All-Big Ten selection for three-consecutive seasons.

    Immordino, (Roseland, N.J./West Essex) is third and fourth all-time in the Buckeye career record books in points and goals with 127 and 52, respectively. During Immordino’s senior campaign in 2003 she earned All-America honors for the third-consecutive year. She concluded the season as the team leader in goals (22) and points (54). Immordino also was named an All-Big Ten and All-Region selection and was a nominee for the Honda-Broderick award, which salutes female student-athletes for their efforts in their respective sports.

    Newman (Wheelersburg, Ohio/Wheelersburg) is No. 3 in the Buckeye record books in career strikeouts, compiling 291 between the years of 2001-2004. The first team All-American and co-captain also is third on the list in career wins (32) and career innings pitched (369). During the 2004 campaign Newman made 15 starts and tallied a 4.01 ERA in 103.1 innings. An Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Big Ten selection, Newman was drafted in the 19th round by the Colorado Rockies.

    Here is a list of OSU athletes who received degrees Sunday:

    Culver, Bryce MFB BUS Transportation & Logistics

    Davis, Tiffany WTR AMP Occupational Therapy

    Doran, Zachary MGO BUS Marketing

    Fisk, Erica WTE EDU Exercise Science

    Fresch, Michael CHR AGR Agri & Construction Mgt

    Galanter, Craig MFE SBS Criminology

    Gilardi, Anthony MLA HUM History

    Haynam, Emily WSO/WBB JUR Journalism

    Hollins, John MFB SBS Communication

    Immordino, Vanessa WFH HEC Human Dev & Family Sci

    Jackson, Dalanda WTR SBS Psychology

    Kinnear, Derek MBA ENG Civil Engineer

    Laffey, Ryan MLA BUS Economics

    Leng, Jesse MWR EDU Sport & Leisure

    Levi, Julie WGY SBS Communication

    Mills, William MTR HUM English

    Newman, Joshua MBA HUM History

    Nicolazzo, Jonathon RIF ENG Mechanical Engineering

    Parker, Roshawn MFB SBS Communication

    Pedersen, Adam MVB HEC Family Resource Mgt

    Ryan, Jason MSO EDU Sport & Leisure

    Seidelmann, Mark PIS ENG Civil Engineering

    Steblen, Lindsey WIH BIO Biology

    Stoneking, Amanda CHR SBS Sociology

    Tulk, Amy WLA MPS Chemistry

    Weatherill, Caroline WLA HEC Family Resource Mgt

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    That Vanessa Immordino is one hot mama. Plays field hockey.

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