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LGHL 4-star Cincinnati CB Amir Riep commits to Ohio State

Discussion in 'News' started by Caleb Houser, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Caleb Houser

    Caleb Houser Guest

    4-star Cincinnati CB Amir Riep commits to Ohio State
    Caleb Houser
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Boom! It’s official. Making the announcement at his high school moments ago, Ohio's top 2017 cornerback is heading to Columbus.

    Amir Riep (Cincinnati, OH/Colerain) was first offered by Ohio State back in January following his junior day visit on the 31st. Since then, Amir has been a hot commodity that Urban Meyer has wanted to keep at home while other perennial college powers have tried to pry him away. With his decision coming just hours after the highlight of the summer for Buckeye recruiting, Friday Night Lights camp, many had to feel good about Ohio State's chances with Riep.

    With just under fifty college scholarship offers, every major college program in the country has seemingly tried to recruit the Ohio prized defensive back. Ranked as the third best prospect in the Buckeye State for 2017 and a top fifteen cornerback in the country, Amir holds a four-star composite status according to 247Sports.

    While it could have been anyone's best chance to land Riep in their 2017 class, this summer has been a huge relationship developing season between Ohio State and Riep. It's no surprise that Buckeye cornerbacks coach, Kerry Coombs took this recruitment personally as he was the head man for the Colerain Cardinals for more than a decade before heading to Columbus with Urban Meyer.

    With four summer visits to Columbus for Riep, including last night's Friday Night Lights camp at Ohio Stadium, the Buckeyes put themselves into great position for the four-star elite cornerback. Amir's summer was incredibly impressive as he was also an invitee to Oregon for Nike's The Opening. While coaches do the majority of the recruiting, current Buckeye commits were hard at work on Riep as he was constantly seen with 2017 Ohio State pledges in Oregon. All of this and his comfort level with Ohio State seemed to be the difference in why the Buckeyes were the final choice.

    Per Land-Grant Holy Land's football analyst Christopher Jason, Riep is listed at 5'11, 185 pounds but plays bigger on film than his listed measurables. Amir displays excellent quickness and instincts, which allows him to stick to a receiver in man coverage. He does a great job of baiting the opposing quarterback into making a bad decision, then uses his ball skills to get his hands off the receiver and onto the ball. Riep os considered a true ball-hawk, as he has the ability to go jump a short route and take it the other way. Not only is the Cincinnati product a ball-hawk, but he is also strong in run support as he has no fear of coming down-hill and making the play.

    With help from strength coach, Mickey Marotti, Riep has the skill-set to get on the field earlier than others. Due to a loaded depth chart at cornerback, he will most likely have to redshirt his freshman season before getting on special teams. However, with a redshirt season and the time to develop, Riep has the tools to be a lockdown corner for the Buckeyes in the near future and will fit nicely into Greg Schiano's quarters concept.

    Here’s what Riep’s dynamic skill set looks like in action, courtesy of Hudl:

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