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Belle Glade Boys

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jimotis4heisman, Aug 11, 2004.


    Belle Glade Pair Set to Electrify the Buckeyes
    By Kyle Lamb a.k.a. Buckaholic
    Date: Aug 11, 2004

    Glades Central High School in Belle Glade, Florida has been good to Ohio State recently as the school has produced both sophomore wide receiver Santonio Holmes and true freshman wide receiver Albert Dukes. The two are now at Ohio State together and are ready to show the Big Ten what the boys from Belle Glade can do.

    More than likely, '<!--Default For Florida is to ignore-->Florida Speed' is just a myth, but in the event it's not, no one can accuse <!--Default For Ohio State is to ignore-->Ohio State of lacking it.

    This season, the Buckeyes were already counting on 5-11 sophomore wide receiver <!--Default NodeId For Santonio Holmes is 1200482,2004-->Santonio Holmes to continue where he left off at the end of last season. Only now, Holmes has his old high school chum <!--Default NodeId For Albert Dukes is 1170662,2004-->Albert Dukes to give <!--Default For Ohio is to ignore-->Ohio State a pair of dangerous weapons.

    The last time Buckeye fans saw Holmes, he was busy torching the <!--Default For Kansas State is to ignore-->Kansas State secondary for a pair of touchdowns, tying the Ohio State bowl record for touchdowns in a game.

    Dukes and Holmes were friends in high school, where the two were high school teammates at Glades Central High School in Belle Glade, Fla.

    Newly appointed wide receiver coach <!--Default NodeId For Darrell Hazell is 1192402,2004-->Darrell Hazell believes once Dukes and fellow freshman receiver <!--Default NodeId For Devon Lyons is 1166645,2004-->Devon Lyons adjust to a few things, they will be lethal.

    "They have to learn the speed of the game before anything else," Hazell said. "They definitely both have an extreme amount of talent, but the game in college is just so much quicker. Once they adjust, they both will be great players."

    Holmes already emerged as a bona-fide star in the middle of last season after <!--Default NodeId For Drew Carter is 1270675,2004-->Drew Carter was lost for the season with a torn ligament.

    After the injury, Ohio State needed someone to step up, and Holmes knew he was the guy to do it.

    "I knew I could do it early in the season too, but I just wasn't as consistent in practice and on the field as I needed to be," Holmes said. "When Drew got hurt, Coach asked everyone to step up their game. So that turned into my time to shine."

    With the departure of <!--Default NodeId For Michael Jenkins is 1267474,2004-->Michael Jenkins, a first-round pick of the <!--Default For Atlanta Falcons is to ignore-->Atlanta Falcons, Holmes will now be asked to step up in a different way-to become the go-to guy offensively.

    "Mike (Jenkins) was a great player and did a lot of things that make it tough to replace," Hazell said. "Every year, however, you always find guys to step up and improve. The same thing will happen this season."

    It was Holmes' presence that helped make Dukes feel comfortable in choosing Ohio State. With the two being established friends prior to Dukes being recruited, Holmes spoke with him often about possibly joining him in Columbus.

    Holmes doesn't feel responsible for the Florida connection, or any other possible Florida player choosing Ohio State for that matter.

    "I didn't really start a Florida trend," Holmes said. "He (Dukes) felt like this was the best place for him and he made the choice that best suited his needs. No player will ever go anywhere just because someone else does."

    Dukes, who caught 58 receptions for 1,031 yards and 17 touchdowns last season as a high school senior, very easily could have picked N.C. State. But his heart was with the Buckeyes.

    "I just loved the coaching staff and everything about this place," Dukes said. "I love the players, and the unity as a team. It made me feel really comfortable."

    With one Florida player coming in, many are wondering whether the other one will stay.

    Holmes, who will be a third-year sophomore this season in eligibility, has the talent and ability to be a high pick in this next year's NFL draft. Some people have speculated that this would be Holmes' last season as a Buckeye.

    Although his focus is on the team and the upcoming season, Dukes didn't deny pondering the possibility.

    "I've actually talked to my mother about that a few times," he said. "She said it's my choice and wants me to do what's best, but she really would like to see me stay in school and finish out my career here first. But right now, I'm not too concerned about what I will do."

    Much like Holmes, Dukes is a smaller receiver with big-time playmaking ability. Dukes described his game for those who haven't yet seen him.

    "I think I can be the total package," Dukes said with a remarkable amount of confidence. "I can block, I can catch, I am able to get a lot of yards after I catch the ball, and most importantly, I'm a team player."

    Luckily for Dukes, he and the other freshman will have a built-in leader to learn from in Holmes.

    All of the receivers have quickly developed a strong bond as they've hung out a lot together during the summer. Although Holmes tries to be a leader, he doesn't feel obligated to take the younger receivers under his wing just because he's an upper classman.

    "I think all of the receivers should help each other out no matter what," Holmes said. "It shouldn't matter who you are or how old you are, I think every guy should be willing to help out their teammates even if they are the same position."

    As the season begins, Holmes will have to adjust to double-teaming as opponents will now focus on him instead of Jenkins, and likewise, Dukes will have to adjust to the speed of the game in college instead of high school.

    But for Dukes, there's one bigger adjustment to make.

    "The fans will get to see me adjust to the cold," he said with a laugh. "That's going to be the real test."

    Perhaps the speed difference between Florida and Ohio might be a myth. But the difference in temperature-that's definitely not a myth. Make no mistake about it, Dukes will adjust, just like Holmes.
  2. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    I heard Dustin Fox on 610 earlier today and he singled out Teddy Ginn (advanced CB footwork) and Albert Dukes as the young players that have impressed him. He said that he had some good battles with Dukes in 7 on 7 drills this summer. Thought he could contribute this year.
  3. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    dont let this reach grassy :lol:

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