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tBBC Buckeyes Place 4 in Top 12 at Porter Cup

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Buckeyes Place 4 in Top 12 at Porter Cup
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    I mentioned to Joe that I’d come out of “retirement” to do this recap. It involves Ohio State Women’s golf (sort of), a prestigious, local (for me) amateur tournament and a top notch course that I’ve played a few times. Why wouldn’t I dust off the Dell and put something together?

    This week (June 8 – 10) marked the 5th edition of the Women’s Porter Cup (WPC) played on the beautiful Niagara Falls Country Club (NFCC) in Lewiston, NY. The event is 54 hole stroke play that features an international field. The Buckeyes were well represented in the 83 player field (Jaclyn Lee, Zoe-Beth Brake, Niki Schroeder and Jessica Porvasnik). The Buckeyes were also represented well, with all four players finishing in the Top Twelve..

    I’ve played NFCC several times and the vistas of the Niagara Escarpment from the closing holes and the clubhouse are stunning. The course is also a load to play; it is narrow, tree lined and is heavily bunkered. The challenge to golfers are the numerous bunkers that always seem to come into play and the wind that can come ripping across Lake Ontario and up the Escarpment. You need to bring your “A” game to Lewiston. Okay, so much for the travel guide, back to the tournament recap…


    The Buckeyes were a force in this event. If the Porter Cup was a team event, Ohio State would have absolutely rolled. Jaclyn Lee tied for 3rd place with a score of +3, 216. Zoe-Beth finished in 5th place with a score of +5, 218. Niki Schroeder finished in 9th place with a score of +9, 222 and Jessica Porvasnik finished tied for 12th place with a score of +11, 224.

    Curiously, in the player profiles and scoring, Zoe-Beth was listed as “Zoe”. If she keeps playing this well, she can go by any name she chooses. In last year’s WPC, Jessica tied for 4th with a score of -1, 212. Jaclyn tied for 16th spot with a score of +8, 221 and Zoe-Beth tied for 49th with score of +21, 234.

    On a layout and during conditions where players found it difficult to break par, the Buckeyes had two outstanding performances. Jaclyn Lee’s opening round of 68 was the best score of that round and Niki Schroeder’s final round 69 was the 2nd best of that round. In the field of 83 players, there were only 5 rounds in the 60’s. Ohio State players had two of those rounds.

    Coaches Hession and Strom, as well as the players had to be thrilled with this performance. This event was another good experience for these returning Buckeyes. The more high level events they play, the better they’ll be in the upcoming season.

    1st Round

    Wednesday’s 1st round was played in October-like conditions. Temperatures were in the low 60’s, sky was overcast and winds were blowing 25-30 miles per hour. All in all, challenging playing conditions. How’d the Buckeyes do? Let’s find out.

    Jaclyn Lee

    Jaclyn navigated the testy conditions well, shooting a 68 (-3) to gain the top spot after 18 holes. She was one of only two players to break par (71) on the day. Like I said, these were challenging playing conditions.

    Zoe-Beth Brake

    Zoe-Beth/Zoe shot a solid 73 (+2) to place her in the top five. A good start for her.

    Niki Schroeder

    Niki rolled into the clubhouse with her round of 73 (+2). Okay, I see a trend starting with the Buckeyes.

    Jessica Porvasnik

    Jessica shot a … you guessed it… 73 (+2) to join her Buckeye teammates in the top 12.

    If this were a team golf event, the Buckeyes would be in good shape right now.

    2nd Round

    Thursday’s 2nd round was played in somewhat better conditions; at least the sun was out. Temperatures were in the low 70’s, the sky was sunny and winds were blowing 15-20 miles per hour. All in all, these were still challenging playing conditions. Let’s check in on the Buckeyes…

    Jaclyn Lee

    The course got the better of Jaclyn on Thursday, since she shot a 76 (+5). The 180 yard par-3 4th hole crimped her score as she recorded a triple bogey 6. Aside from this hole, Jaclyn played a solid round.

    Zoe-Beth Brake

    Speaking of solid rounds, Zoe-Beth was 1 under par through 16 holes, before bogeying #17 and #18 to finish at 72 (+1).

    The 17th hole plays as a short’ish par 5 for the women, but it is all uphill. From the #17 teebox, you’re starting to climb back up to the top of the Escarpment. The green has enormous bunkers left and right of the green as well as front left and front right of the green. That’s a lot of sand to navigate through, particularly playing uphill. There isn’t much in the way of visual keys to assist with shot placement.

    The 18th is the hallmark hole of the course. It’s a 175-yard par-3 that is all carry on the tee shot, since you’re still climbing to the top of the Escarpment. It is framed with huge bunkers front left, front right, rear right and rear left. When you stand on the tee box, you see… sand. There is also a pronounced back-to-front slope to the green, so being above the flag is no bargain. For a little ol’ par-3, this is a tough finishing hole.

    Niki Schroeder

    Niki didn’t fare too well, shooting an 80 (+9) for the day. Some days are like that. Fortunately, she played well in the 1st round, and there is a 3rd round to be played.

    Jessica Porvasnik

    Jessica kept things under control with her round of 74 (+3). She’s still in the top ten at this point.

    3rd Round

    Friday’s 3rd round was played in gorgeous conditions. Temperatures were in the mid 70’s, sky was sunny and the winds were a light breeze. How’d the Buckeyes do?

    Jaclyn Lee

    Jaclyn recovered from her 2nd round score by shooting 72 (+1). This placed her tied for 3rd place, only 1 stroke out of 2nd position.

    Zoe-Beth Brake

    Zoe was impressively consistent with a score of 73 (+2). Her three rounds were 73-72-73. All pretty damn good rounds in windy conditions on a course where level lies and flat putts were hard to come by.

    Niki Schroeder

    After Thursday’s not-too-good round, Niki bounced back with a 69 (-2) to move her into 9th place. Niki tied for 2nd low score of the day.

    Jessica Porvasnik

    Jessica shot a closing round of 77. This was probably not the kind of final round she was anticipating. Still, she has played well at NFCC in her two appearances.

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