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tBBC Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 8/5/2016

Discussion in 'News' started by Ben van Ooyen, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 8/5/2016
    Ben van Ooyen
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Welcome to your tri-weekly dose of all things Ohio State recruiting! Let’s get started.

    Another 2018 offer out in Florida:

    Extremely Blessed To Receive a Offer From Ohio State University #Zone6 #Shhhhh @RyanBartow @HamiltonESPN

    — Xavier Williams (@zayborghini_6) August 3, 2016

    Xavier Williams is a 5-star athlete from Hollywood, Florida who holds 35 offers to date. He plays wide receiver and cornerback for his high school team, and could probably play either side of the ball in college. He is ranked as the 28th overall prospect in the country, and the 6th best from the state of Florida. He holds offers from almost every big school across the country, so building a relationship with the coaching staff and getting him on campus will be key if they want to have a chance with him.

    The Jaylen Harris Saga continues:

    The Buckeyes are going to find out relatively soon if they have Tyjon Lindsey and Trevon Grimes on board as both are making their college choices known at the end of August. With the scholarship numbers so tight, it is going to be difficult to find room in this class for any extra pieces, and Jaylen Harris might find himself on the outside looking in. He released his top-5 yesterday and the Buckeyes made the list.


    In any other year, I would think that Urban takes the in-state kid, but this isn’t any other year and Ohio State is recruiting at an unseen level. If I had to guess right now I would say that Harris will likely end up at either Penn State or Tennessee, as the Buckeyes just do not have room for him this year.

    2019 Offer, Let’s Get Started Early:

    While the Buckeyes look to wrap up the rest of their 2017 class, and get a jump start on 2018, apparently they are looking well into the future as offers for kids in the 2019 class are already going out. These kids are merely going to be sophomores this coming season, so their body of work is limited. Yet, schools are offering kids earlier and earlier from what little tape and game action they have seen. Ohio State offered a 2019 wide-receiver prospect out of Florida named Jashawn Sheffield yesterday.

    O-H-I-O blessed to receive an offer from THE Ohio State Univeristy.

    — Jashawn Sheffield (@Jashawnsheff) August 4, 2016

    Sheffield holds 15 offers to date, and already holds 3 crystal ball projections to the Florida State Seminoles. Sheffield told 11W, that he was excited by the offer, and that he has always been a fan of the Buckeyes.

    Latest ESPN rankings out:

    Ohio State continues to dominate the ESPN rankings, sitting at the top again for the 12th straight release of the 2017 class rankings. The Buckeyes have 16 commitments currently, and 14 of them are listed among the ESPN top 300 players in the nation. The Buckeyes are followed by Alabama (21 commits), Georgia (14 commits), LSU (18 commits) and Notre Dame (17 commits).

    Updated 2017 Football Class Rankings

    — Tom Luginbill (@TomLuginbill) August 4, 2016

    The Big Ten is represented by Michigan at #7, Iowa at #17, Maryland and #19, Penn State at #22, Rutgers at #24, and Michigan State at #25.

    Expect Ohio State to hold on to the top spot for quite a while, as the end of August should bring good news to Buckeye fans, and bolster an already top loaded class.

    North Carolina Love:

    Excited to say that I've received my 20th offer from ⭕️hio state

    — 9⃣0⃣READY (@rickyo_90) August 5, 2016

    The Buckeyes reached into my home state of North Carolina yesterday and offered Ricky Sandidge, a 4-star defensive tackle from Concord. Sandidge lists 19 offers on 247, though he says the Buckeye offer was his 20th. He is ranked as the #10 defensive tackle in the class of 2018, and the #3 prospect out of the state of North Carolina.

    He has one crystal ball for the home state Tar Heels, but his recruitment is wide open currently. He has visited South Carolina a few times to visit the Gamecocks program, and also made it to Alabama for their junior day.

    Lamont Wade Drama:

    If you missed it the other day, Lamont Wade tore into Michigan’s coaching staff the other day on twitter.



    Moral of the story: Go where you're wanted kids

    — 38Savage® (@Goony_38) August 3, 2016

    Wade, basically states that he would have been a Wolverine if the coaching staff would have offered him without first seeing him in camp. He now has a top 5 that does not include the Wolverines, and told all Michigan fans on twitter to please stop tweeting at him. He did receive an official scholarship offer from the Buckeyes, but I am not sure there will be room in the class unless something happens with a current commitment in the class.


    He said in a tweet before all the Michigan bashing that him and Donovan Jeter had something cooking, and both hold offers to the Buckeyes, Pitt Panthers and Penn State Nittany Lions. I expect both of them to either end up at Pittsburgh or Penn State, although there is a slim outside shot at both ending up at Ohio State if the cards fall correctly.

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