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tBBC Kareem Felder is a Buckeye!

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Kareem Felder is a Buckeye!
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Kareem Felder a 3-star cornerback, 5’11”, 165 lbs. from St. Francis Academy out of Baltimore, MD is now an Ohio State Buckeye.

    Back in May of 2015 Kareem committed to the Buckeyes after a visit from Kerry Coombs. He visited The Ohio State University’s campus on January 15th of this year – posing for a picture with Coach Urban Meyer, and his mother that he has included in one of his Tweets – clearly excited to be a new Buckeye.

    An Honorable Mention All-State following the 2014 season – Kareem spurned offers from Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Iowa, and Penn State.

    Felder, as a Buckeye, will be able to play his style of game. He is an aggressive cornerback in both pass coverage and run support. His abilities are comparable to that of Eli Apple’s style (Now off to the NFL). He can turn with ease and run down the sideline with a receiver, or he can settle back in a zone and trigger his aggression when the time is needed. There is little hesitation in Felder’s game. His explosive style is what defensive coaches love. His offensive mindset is what Head Coaches love. He seeks the ball – making it his target. When the ball ends up in his possession he wants to score. He will not take a knee, or run out of bounds. He is a smothering defender that plays taller than what he is. This style is a Buckeyes “want” on Defense. Kareem has it instinctively.

    Felder fills a need for the Buckeyes. With Eli Apple announcing plans for a shot in the NFL Damon Webb will certainly be given his opportunity. The other corner, Gareon Conley returns and most likely will be backed up by redshirted freshmen Marshon Lattimore.

    Felder can very well be in the conversation for corner this year. Discussions for the future he will indeed be a part of – as well as Wayne Davis another member of this 2016 recruitment class from Norfolk, VA.

    ESPN of the recruiting ranking services lists Felder as the 17th best football player out of the State of Maryland with a grade of 77. They put him @ 40 nationally of cornerbacks. And of ALL positions he is placed at 84 of East Coast prospects. 247Sports puts him in at 22 for all players from Maryland and 76th nationally of cornerbacks. Rivals list him at 22 from Maryland as well. Scout puts him at 70 for cornerbacks nationally and 14th of all Maryland players with a grading of 87.

    Felder received a ton of offers. Other Big 10 Schools that held enough interest in Kareem Felder to play defensively for them were: Iowa, Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State. Other Schools with interest were: Boston College, UNC, WVA, VA, Clemson, Cincinnati, Miami (FL), and Duke (as well as the schools mentioned above).

    Kareem chose the Buckeyes though. He knows that the NFL thinks of the Buckeyes as a factory for cornerbacks and his best chance to showcase his talents would be with the powerhouse of Scarlet and Gray.

    We welcome him in Buckeye Nation, knowing he will make us proud.

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