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Laying the groundwork for this class...

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Grooove Theory, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. This coming recruiting class could be one for the ages for Ohio State. It seems we could end up with somewhere between 20-25 scholarships on signing day depending on how much attrition there is going to be. Irizzary and Guilford's ships brought us up from 17 to 19. Dareus Hiley and Reggie Smith are having major grade problems, and things aren't looking good there. That could actually bring the total up to 21 ships, unheard of just months ago.

    I will go through each position, and list the "quailty" players we have at each position. I will not list each player on scholarship, just the "quality" players as of now. And by quality I mean... (performed with great quality so far at OSU, has shown tons of potential, or were ranked really high out of high school).

    After listing the quality players at each position, then we will rundown a "needs" analysis for each specific position. This is going to be a long and very detailed post... so sit back and relax.

    QUALITY and then NEEDS: (Quality players returning for 2005 season, i.e. non seniors in 2004)

    QB - Justin Zwick, Troy Smith, Todd Boeckman (3 quailty underclassmen players at Quarterback)

    RB - Tony Pittman, Erik Haw (2 players here)

    FB - Brandon Schnittker, Stan White Jr. (2 players here)

    TE - Ryan Hamby, Rory Nicol, Chad Hoobler (3 players here)

    SE - Roy Hall, Devon Lyons, Devin Jordan (3)

    FL - Santonio Holmes, Albert Dukes, Tony Gonzalez (3)

    OL - (We know this is a need in terms of "quality" players. I won't list all of the players here)

    DT - Quinn Pitcock, Marcus Green, David Patterson, Sian Cotton, Brandon Maupin, Joel Penton, Nader Abdallah (7)

    DE - Mike Kudla, Jay Richardson, Marcel Frost, Vernon Gholstin, Alex Barrow (5)

    MLB - Anthony Schlegal, Mike D'andrea, John Kerr (walk-on) (3)

    OLB - A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, Marcus Freeman, Curt Lukens, Curtis Perry, Brandon Smith (6)

    CB - E.J. Underwood, Ashton Youboty, Ted Ginn Jr., Brandon Underwood, Shaun Lane (5)

    Safety - Nate Salley, Donte Whitner Tyler Everett, Brandon Mitchell, Sirjo Welch, Nick Patterson (6)

    Kicker/Punter - Aaron Pettrey, A.J. Trapasso, Jonathan Skeete (John Barker as a walk-on)


    Based on the list above, it seems that OSU needs to fill some needs. Here is the breakdown again of quality players who are underclassmen in 2004, and will be back for the 2005 season (when the current recruiting class that we're working on will be coming in)

    QB - 3
    RB - 2
    FB - 2
    TE - 3
    SE - 3
    FL - 3
    OL - (We know this is a need. Get as many good ones as possible. Minimum ... 3 quality players, maximum... 5 quality players)
    DT - 7
    DE - 5
    MLB - 3
    OLB - 6
    CB - 5
    S - 6
    K/P - 3

    Looks like the biggest needs in terms of numbers (of "quality" players) are...

    Running Back (Tailback)
    Tight End (Tressel plays 2 tight end sets a lot. We'll need to get a tight end in this class)
    Offensive Line
    Defensive End (not as much quality depth as defensive tackle)
    Cornerback (Need Jamario and maybe one more good one for greed)

    However, here are other needs not shown by the numbers...

    Quarterback (We definitely need to get a quality QB in this class, no questions asked. We need to find the successor to Zwick/Smith, and get him now. I'm not sure Boeckman is it)

    Fullback (Stan White is more of an H-back, and Schnittker will be gone after 2005. That leaves a lowly ranked recruit named Dionte Johnson, who isn't that big of a fullback. I think we should take a fullback in this class)

    Split End (It's always good to get a tall split end in every class. Our top recruit for that position would be Selwyn Lymon in this class. We need to get at least one in this class)

    Flanker (Santonio could always bolt, and Hiley is looking like he's suffering with his education and may not be back. Need to get at least one in this class)

    Middle Linebacker (D'andrea and Schlegal are gone after 2005. It would be smart to redshirt D'andrea either this year or next year. I don't think he'll go for it. Kerr would make an outstanding 2nd string middle linebacker either this year or next year if D'andrea did decide to redshirt. Kerr is back for 2006, unlike D'andrea and Schlegal. It would be nice to get a good middle linebacker in this class to go with Kerr for the future are Schlegal and D'andrea are gone. It isn't that big of a need yet, it would be next year though if we don't get a top notch MLB in this class)

    Outside linebacker (Hawk and Carpenter are gone after 2005. Brandon Smith could eventually bulk into a DE. That leaves Freeman, Lukens, and Perry. Need at least one in this class, and at least one in the next class)

    Cornerback (Tressel loves to have a lot of DB's. I see him taking 3-4 in this class, even though we're loaded already for the future. I would love to see OSU take 2 corners and 1 safety in this class. Jamario O'neal, one more corner (Harrison, Justin King, or Nyan Boateng), and Adam Myers-White. No more safeties other than Myers-White, except for Freddie Lenix who is a LB/Safety type)

    Safety (Just need one in this class... Adam Myers-White. Freddie Lenix is another, but hopefully he can bulk into a fast outside linebacker in the Cie Grant mold)

    Kicker/Punter (We'll have 3 on scholarship in 2005. Pettrey, Skeete, Trapasso. That could be 4 if Josh Huston gets a 6th year. Therefore, we should wait until the 2006 class to bring in another... most likely a punter in the 2006 class).


    So, here is the final breakdown on what I think we need in this class...

    QB - 1/2
    RB - 2
    FB - 1
    TE - 1
    SE - 1
    FL - 1 (And a 3rd receiver if Santonio leaves, or Hiley doesn't get back)
    OL - 4 (But all 4 quality linemen, no projects, one project at the most)
    DT - 1 (Denlinger, no more... unless it's Callahan Bright)
    DE - 2 (Ryan Williams, and then one more BIG TIME STUD)
    MLB - 1 (If we can get a good MLB)
    OLB - 1-2 (One bigger linebacker, and then Lenix, so that makes 2.
    CB - 1-2 (Jamario, and then one more stud if we can get him)
    S - 1 (Adam Myers-White)
    K/P - 2 (Which we've already gotten... Pettrey and Skeete, actually Skeete goes toward the 2004 class).

    Here's who we have commited so far...

    Alex Boone, Jamario O'neal, Todd Denlinger, Jim Cordle, Ryan Williams, Aaron Pettrey (That's 6 on scholarship so far that have commited to the 2005 class. I see OSU being able to take 22 for some reason when it's all said and done. That would leave 16 more scholarships).

    New Commitments: Carlton Jackson, Ronnie Wilson (That is the word going around now). That brings us up to 8 commitments. That would leave about 14 left.


    Here's who our 22 man class could look like on signing day (hopefully):

    QB - Mark Sanchez
    QB/ATH - Carlton Jackson
    RB - Maurice Wells
    RB - Mikell Simpson
    FB - Matt Clapp (Think bigger, faster, stronger... Matt Keller)
    TE - ??????????? (Are we going to take a tight end this year? If so, who's the mystery guy waiting in the wings?)
    SE - Selwyn Lymon
    FL - Talonnie Russell
    WR - Andre Amos (Split End or flanker)
    OL - Alex Boone
    OL - Kevin Bemoll
    OL - Ronnie Wilson
    Center - Jim Cordle (I think he'll ultimately be a center)
    DT - Todd Denlinger
    DE - Ryan Williams
    DE - Melvin Alaeze
    MLB - Brian Cushing (could play that famous OSU middle linebacker positioon)
    OLB - Alex Daniels
    OLB - Freddie Lenix
    CB - Jamario O'neal
    CB - Justin King (That would be awesome)
    S - Adam Myers-White
    K - Aaron Pettrey (Remember, Skeete goes back to the 2004 class)

    This is sort of a dream class, but we have a good shot at all of these players. Justin King will be the hardest one to get from this list, but hopefully he can become friends with Jamario O'neal and Ted Ginn Jr. (already on campus by then) on his official visit. The coaching staff bring in O'neal and King for an official visit on the same weekend (O'neal already being commited of course). You never know, they all might just hit it off. But it's definitely an uphill battle to get King.

    I listed 23 recruits above instead of 22. I just couldn't eliminate one. We have 21 ships to give now if Hiley and Reggie Smith don't make it back. I could see at least 2-3 more openings from now until signing day. Attrition always happens at Ohio State.

    This class will be at least 20, as many as 25 (doubt we have that much attrition though). I'll go in the middle and say 22-23. There, we'll leave it at that.

    Let's get these guys in now! Go get em' coaches!
  2. ohiobuck94

    ohiobuck94 Buckeye Beach Bum

    Nice post :)
  3. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    A bit more than "sort of." However, I do agree that we have a legit shot at all of the players whom you listed, except perhaps Mikell Simpson. King will not be easy, but OSU is currently solid in his top 5, and I believe that King's decision will eventually come down to Penn State (his setpfather's school), Michigan (his favorite), and Ohio State (best head coach, closest to home, and undeniably "Cornerback U", having had five CB's selected in the first round during the past nine years - Springs, Winfield, Plummer, Clements, and Gamble).

    My proposed "reasonably attainable dream class" looks quite similar to yours. The mods have been batting this topic around for a while, and we will post our individual "best case" and "most likely" classes some time this summer. In the mean time, check out our consensus opinion on the "Recruiting Projections" thread. Buckskin86 frequently updates our selections.

    Good first post, by the way.
  4. wdg01

    wdg01 Freshman

    Im not sure but I doubt we have much of a chance with King hope I'm wrong. Weren't we recruiting him as a RB anyway? I say we have no shot at Bright...maybe Weston which would be fine with me. I think Lenix will get offered as a RB maybe a saftey but saftey isnt a big need for us if we can get AMW. For MLB, Hoobler may eventually find his way there..but we would need to get 1 or 2 quality TEs this class for that to happen. Good call on the WRs.
  5. The KSB

    The KSB 4-4-11/11-5-11

    Is this the same groove theory that gat banned from bn last year?
  6. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Yes, OSU is currently recruiting him as an RB, and King wants to play CB. I think that the staff will eventually "offer" him as a CB, which should generate some more interest in the Bucks. BTW, King has been talking about OSU for about a year now, so his interest is legit. Don't count King out just yet, but don't get your hopes up either - Michigan and PSU are probably the teams to beat.

    You're right about Bright, which is too bad, because the kid is a dominant DT; I don't think that we have much of a shot at Weston, either. Denlinger is more athletic and a better prospect anyway, IMO. Ashley is still in the mix, although the Bucks are probably down the list a bit. I wish that Hight would get his grades in order, as he is a great DL prospect.

    They'll find a place for Lenix - RB, LB, DB - he'll be fine wherever he ends up.

    I wouldn't be surprised if OSU signs no TE's this year - no outstanding in-state prospects, and not many OOS prospects are looking our way. Jonathan Hannah from North Carolina is a good one, and would be a great addition if the staff could some how convince him to head north.

    Don't forget Eric Sledge.
  7. wdg01

    wdg01 Freshman

    I TE stand out as far as I know so far. One may have opened some eyes at camp..I guess we'll have to wait and see. J. Sharps certainly could grow into one...tho I haven't heard much talk about him. I also thought there was a TE for Ely that we MIGHT have a chance with...especially if we can get 2 of his teammates.

    Oops forgot about him...maybe someone could add him to 2005 tOSU Recruiting Prospects - Offense chart
  8. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    86 and I have him listed as an athlete on that chart. I haven't read that we are strictly recruiting him as a WR so that's why he is where he is. If I've missed an update or something that says we're looking at him strictly as a WR I'd be more than happy to move him.
  9. wdg01

    wdg01 Freshman

    That would explain why I didnt see him...thanks

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