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looking WAY ahead.

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by BuckeyeSoldier, Aug 20, 2004.


Assuming tOSU DOESN'T win the NC this year, where will be ranked in '05

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  1. BuckeyeSoldier

    BuckeyeSoldier 2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion

    OK, i know this season hasnt even started yet. and i am VERY excited about this year. but take even quick look at next years depth chart, and I REALLY think we are the team to beat in 2005. We only really take a step back at 3 positions (FB, K, LS) unless holmes leaves early but i dont even think that will hurt much.

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="90%" border=1><TBODY><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>QB</TD><TD><!--QBSR--> </TD><TD><!--QBJR--> 10-Smith 4
    12-Zwick 4
    </TD><TD><!--SO--></TD><TD><!--QBRS--> 17-Boeckman 3</TD><TD><!--QBFR-->Schoenhoft 4</TD><TD><!--QBNEW-->major upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>TB</TD><TD><!--TBSR--></TD><TD><!--TBJR--> </TD><TD><!--TBSO--> </TD><TD><!--TBRS-->2-Haw 3
    25-Pittman 3
    </TD><TD><!--TBFR-->M. Wells 5

    </TD><TD><!--TBNEW--> moderate upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>FB</TD><TD><!--FBSR-->43-Schnittker</TD><TD><!--FBJR-->89-White 4</TD><TD><!--FBSO--></TD><TD><!--FBRS--> 49-Johnson 2</TD><TD><!--FBFR--></TD><TD><!--FBNEW--> moderate downgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>TE</TD><TD><!--TESR--> 80-Hamby</TD><TD><!--TEJR--></TD><TD><!--TESO--> 81-Frost 4</TD><TD><!--TERS-->86-Nicol 4</TD><TD><!--TEFR--></TD><TD><!--TENEW--> moderate upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>WR</TD><TD><!--WRSR--></TD><TD><!--WRJR--> 8-R.Hall 4
    4-Holmes 4
    </TD><TD><!--WRSO-->11-Gonzalez 4
    82-Jordan 3
    </TD><TD><!--WRRS-->5-Dukes 4
    18-Lyons 3
    </TD><TD><!--WRFR-->Hartline 4</TD><TD><!--WRNEW-->major upgade/even(if holmes goes pro)

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>OL</TD><TD><!--OLSR-->55-Mangold NR
    77-Sims 3

    </TD><TD><!--OLJR-->66-Coleman 4
    50-Datish 3
    72-Downing 2
    68-Schafer 4
    </TD><TD><!--OLSO-->74-Barton 3</TD><TD><!--OLRS-->67-Mitchum 4
    63-Person 4
    </TD><TD><!--OLFR-->71-Rehring 3
    79-Skinner 3

    Boone 5
    Cordle 4
    Bemoll 4

    </TD><TD><!--NEW-->major upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>DT</TD><TD><!--DTSR--> 94-Green</TD><TD><!--DTJR-->90-Pitcock 4</TD><TD><!--DTSO-->95-Cotton 3
    70-Maupin 4
    </TD><TD><!--DTRS-->93-Abdallah 3</TD><TD><!--DTFR-->Denlinger 4</TD><TD><!--DTNEW-->major upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>DE</TD><TD><!--DESR-->83-Arden
    57-Kudla 5
    </TD><TD><!--DEJR-->97-D.Patterson 4
    98-Penton 3

    99-Richardson NR</TD><TD><!--DESO--></TD><TD><!--DERS-->78-Barrow 3
    50-Gholston 3

    </TD><TD><!--DEFR-->44-Terry 2

    Williams 3

    </TD><TD><!--DENEW-->minor upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>LB</TD><TD><!--LBSR-->42-Carpenter 4
    5-D'Andrea 5
    47-Hawk 3
    </TD><TD><!--LBJR-->(Kerr)</TD><TD><!--LBSO-->36-Lukens 3</TD><TD><!--LBRS-->17-Freeman 4
    46-Hoobler 4</TD><TD><!--LBFR-->54-B Smith 2
    </TD><TD><!--LBNEW--> major upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>CB</TD><TD><!--CBSR-->2-E.Underwood 4</TD><TD><!--CBJR-->24-Roberts NR
    26-Youboty 3
    </TD><TD><!--CBSO--></TD><TD><!--CBRS--> 7-Ginn 5
    19-B.Underwood 3</TD><TD><!--CBFR-->29-Lane 3
    O'Neal 5
    </TD><TD><!--CBNEW-->minor upgrade/major upgrade(if ginn is ready to step in)</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>S</TD><TD><!--SSR--> 6-Everett 4
    21-Salley 4
    </TD><TD><!--SJR-->32-Mitchell 4
    9-Whitner 5
    </TD><TD><!--SSO--></TD><TD><!--SRS--> 30-Welch 4</TD><TD><!--SFR-->35-N.Patterson 3
    Jenkins 3
    </TD><TD><!--SNEW-->major upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>K</TD><TD><!--KSR--></TD><TD><!--KJR--> </TD><TD><!--KSO--> </TD><TD><!--KRS--> Skeete NR</TD><TD><!--KFR-->Pettrey NR</TD><TD><!--KNEW-->major downgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e2e2e2><TD align=middle>P</TD><TD><!--PSR--> </TD><TD><!--PJR--> </TD><TD><!--PSO--> </TD><TD><!--PRS--> Trapasso 3</TD><TD><!--PFR--></TD><TD><!--PNEW--> moderate upgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>LS</TD><TD><!--LSSR--></TD><TD><!--LSJR--> </TD><TD><!--LSSO--> </TD><TD><!--LSRS--> </TD><TD><!--LSFR--> </TD><TD><!--LSNEW--> moderate downgrade</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#d2d2d2><TD align=middle>TOTAL</TD><TD align=middle>14</TD><TD align=middle>15</TD><TD align=middle>17</TD><TD align=middle>7(8)</TD><TD align=middle>25 </TD><TD align=middle>10</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  2. DCBuckFan

    DCBuckFan Fark You

    I'll give you one thing, the defense looks to be SCARY good...

    alot of people (myself included) are thinking that this years defense *could* be better than last year... just wait till next year... truely could give some of the teams from the 70s a run for thier money for best D ever.

    Only 'worry' I have is that Hawk or someone key on the defense decides to leave early.

    -Go Bucks (only 15 more days!)
  3. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    haha......i got in a little fight with a hawkeye fan. they think next year is their year to run for the NC. they will be RETURNING the best defense in the big ten and the 2 best LBs in CFB. i laughed so hard i cried.
  4. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    As much as I think this team is going to surprise people, I look at the '05 team as I did the '98 team back in '97. The talent is going to be unbelievable.
  5. AKAK

    AKAK Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens. Staff Member Tech Admin

    Coxew- As long as we have a QB... I think you're right on the Money.
  6. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    Hopefully, by then Coach T will have settled on one :wink2:
  7. AKAK

    AKAK Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens. Staff Member Tech Admin

    No doubt.. and hopefully he will have to pick between two 'players' instead of the less of two evils... I really think it will be the former... but I always worry about QB's until I see what they're made of on the field.

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