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tBBC MBB: Maryland Mauls Ohio State, 100-65

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    MBB: Maryland Mauls Ohio State, 100-65
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    (Thad is as speechless as we are)

    Ohio State overcame 1st half blahs to roll Rutgers on Wednesday to get them into a feel-good mood for the Maryland game. However, the Terrapins were probably a bit testy after dropping Tuesday’s game to Michigan. The testiness showed as the Terrapins dropped the Buckeyes 100-65, The result moved Ohio State to (12-7,4-2) and Maryland to (16-2, 5-1). At the 11:42 mark in the 1st half, OSU trailed by 2, 19-17. From that point on, all the Buckeyes saw was the Terrapins’ vapor trail.

    Ohio State was overpowered inside and could not hold up to torrid three-point Maryland shooting. Aside from the first 5 minutes of the game, Ohio State was out-hustled and outplayed. ESPN commentator Dan Dakich mentioned a couple of times that Ohio State looked soft and passive on defense. There is probably some truth to that, but I think what feeds that is uncertainty of what to do on defense. Maryland used a game plan similar to Indiana; utilize ball screens and make the 3rd pass, because as sure as you’re reading this, OSU will leave someone open. This, as painful as it is to watch, is part of the growing process.

    The Buckeyes were led by Kieta Bates-Diop (15 pts), Jae’Sean Tate (12) and Trevor Thompson (10, 7 rbs). The Buckeyes shot 37% (22-59) from the field, 25% (3-12) from 3-pt range and an eye-watering 62% (18-25) from the foul line. They had 30 rebounds, 12 of them offensive rebounds and 13 turnovers.

    The Terrapins were 63% (37-59) from the field, 52% (11-21) from 3-pt range and only 71% (15-21) from the line. They grabbed 35 rebounds, 7 of them offensive and committed 14 turnovers. Rutgers was led by Robert Carter (25 pts), Rasheed Sulaimon (22) and Diamond Stone (15). Melo Trimble had only 8 points, but he did provide 9 of their 23 assists.

    1st Half

    Both teams* started hot offensively, and at the under-12 timeout, they were tied at 11 apiece. Ohio State was 5-8 (62%) and Maryland was 4-6 (67%). (* MD forward Robert Carter was 3-5 with 8 points out of the gate). Within the first five minutes, OSU had 3 turnovers, all of them traveling..

    At the mid-point, Maryland had found a defensive chink is OSU’s defensive armor; working the ball into the paint. Terp frontcourters Carter, Stone and Layman were overpowering OSU’s interior defense. The other problem was Ohio State’s ineffectiveness of running their half court offense. At the 15:26 mark, the game was tied at 11. Over the next 8 minutes, OSU scored 8 points, all off JaQuan layups. Meanwhile, MD scored 17 points to open up a 28-19 lead at the under-8.

    A breakaway layup by Kam Williams with :47 broke a 7-0 run by MD to pull the Buckeyes to “within” 16 points, 46-30. MD ended the half on a 14-4 run to go into the half leading 48-30.

    The Buckeyes were 14-32 (44%) from the field, 2-5 (40%) from 3-pt range, and did not attempt a free throw. They grabbed 14 rebounds, 6 of them offensive, and had 9 turnovers. Ohio State was led by JaQuan Lyle (8 points), Trevor Thompson (6) and Kieta Bates-Diop (5). Thompson, Bates-Diop and Loving each had three rebounds.

    In contrast, Maryland was 19-30 (63%) from the field, 7-10 (70%) from 3-pt range and 3-3 (100%) from the free throw line. The Terrapins had 15 rebounds, 3 of them offensive and 9 turnovers. Robert Carter (15) and Rasheed Sulaimon (13) hit double figures in scoring. Melo Trimble was scoreless, but provided 6 of MD’s 14 assists.

    One play near the end of the half epitomized the first 20 minutes for the Buckeyes. With :27 remaining in the half, newly inserted A.J. Harris brought the ball down the court, took it to left of the lane, then inexplicably, picked up his dribble. Jake Layman knocked the ball loose with :04 remaining, passed down court to a racing Sulaimon, who finger rolled the layup just ahead of the buzzer. A freshman ball handling mistake led to a breakaway basket. It was that kind of half.

    2nd Half

    No need to get too deep onto action this half; Maryland upped the level of ass-kicking in the final 20 minutes. At the midpoint, Maryland had outscored Ohio State 32-10 to move the game score to 82-40.

    With Maryland emptying the bench, scoring slowed down a bit, with the Terps outscoring the Bucks 52-35 during the half.

    The Buckeyes next game is Thursday at @ 9:00 PM ET in West Lafayette, IN. You can watch the game on ESPN (check local listings) and/or listen to it on 97.1. Go Buckeyes!

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