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Minnesota vs. Ohio State, Wednesday, 7 PM, BTN

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by LitlBuck, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Buckeye737

    Buckeye737 Sophmore

    I don't see much NBA early entrant possibility either, certainly not yet. Bates-Diop might have the highest NBA potential but he's still far from that level.
  2. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    I'm actually highest on Giddens and athletic big who can catch and shows post moves and touch around the basket will always have a space on an NBA roster. Though I could see him going after next year as opposed to this depending on how quickly he develops.
  3. buckmouse

    buckmouse Junior

    Did he ever catch a pass??? - oh yeah I remember now, back in 2013 against Wisconsin...LOL
  4. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck SoCal, Baby!

    When they're good, they're very, very good. And when they're bad, they're awful.

    This team is both fun to watch and agonizing. I think that will probably continue to be the case all season long. Just young-team growing pains.
  5. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    Agreed. Just mentioned Lyle as one example.
  6. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    There were one or two games where he played like someone pissed him off and showed dominance but they were few and often didn't even last a complete game.
  7. BengalsAndBucks

    BengalsAndBucks Senior Former Premier League Champ

    I think if Tate is 6'6 by the time he graduates, he can make it in the NBA as a 3/4 hybrid. He's strong and tenacious enough, with quick enough feet, that I think he could carve out a bench role for a few years. If he's really only 6'4 like a bunch of places have him listed, I doubt he'll be able to make it in the NBA. I could see him carving out a Shabazz Muhammad-type role, assuming he gets to 6'6. He'll need to improve his 3PT shooting from the 35% it's at this year, but that's obviously doable.

    His game kind of reminds me of DeJuan Blair, who is playing Center in the NBA at 6'7. Tate doesn't have his girth or his post moves (and oh yeah Blair was Big East POY in 2008-09), but he's a lot quicker and has better range. But just in terms of physicality, tenacity, and relative size for the positions they play I see similarities.
  8. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    Tate reminds me a lot of Deshaun Thomas but isn't as good of a shooter yet. The fact Deshaun and Deibler never made it in the league was kind of a surprise to me as I figured they'd be great bench guys.
  9. DZ83CK

    DZ83CK Not Banned

    This Buckeye team is maybe the most inconsistent that Matta has had, even within this game they go on a tear and then fall apart, and then go on another huge run later. But part of that is thanks to Minnesota being awful protecting the rim, giving up numerous easy dunks - the Gophers are going to be in the bottom tier of the B1G for sure.
  10. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck SoCal, Baby!

    Thanks for your review, Mister Sunshine.
  11. Buckeye737

    Buckeye737 Sophmore

    I don't disagree with you on Giddens having some decent upside, but I think it will take him some time. I'd be surprised to see him leave before his junior year.
  12. Buckeye737

    Buckeye737 Sophmore

    I love him as a Buckeye, but I think Tate's NBA prospects are slim to none. He's probably 6'5" on a good day and doesn't really have the outside shot to be a guard. I could see him having a long pro career somewhere outside the NBA.
    DZ83CK likes this.

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