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tBBC National Championship Preview and How would Ohio State do?

Discussion in 'News' started by Michael Smith, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. National Championship Preview and How would Ohio State do?
    Michael Smith
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Hello everyone and welcome as I preview the National Championship game to be played this Monday night between the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide. The Clemson Tigers will be going for only their 2nd National Championship ever. While Alabama will be going for their 11th.

    Also I’ll be looking at a “what if” situation. What if it was Ohio State vs Clemson or Ohio State vs Alabama, who would win? We will find out what I think later on.

    Clemson Offense vs Alabama Defense

    We start with the game that will be played. The Clemson Tigers come into the game ranked #1 and is undefeated at now 14-0. They have a high powered and high scoring offense lead by Heisman Trophy finalist QB Deshaun Watson. Watson had one heck of a year. He threw for 3,699 yards, 31 TD passes, and he ran for 1,032 yards with 12 TDs.

    The Tigers rushing attack was lead by RB Wayne Gallman, who rushed for 1,482 yards and also had 12 TDs on the ground. The Tigers are more of a passing team, but as a team rushed for 3,200 yards on the season.

    Clemson doesn’t have a “got to” receiver. The Tigers like to spread the ball around. They had 5 WRs go over 400 yards receiving for the season and no one caught more than 7 TDs. Their main target is Artavis Scott who did lead the Tigers with 89 catches on the season, but only had 5 TDs all season.

    The Alabama defense hasn’t face an offense like Clemson’s all season. In fact, the best offense the Tide has faced all year is probably Ole Miss, who is the only team to beat them this year. Also Alabama has not faced a QB near the talent level of Deshaun Watson. Nowhere close.

    That being said, the Alabama defense is legit. They have dominated their opponents after the Ole Miss loss. They completely manhandled Michigan State and shut them out. Alabama’s one weakness is their secondary. Watson is a good enough QB to exploit that, but can Alabama’s front 7 get pressure on Watson and cause turnovers. Something the Crimson Tide has done very well this year.

    Alabama ranked #1 in the entire country in rush defense, allowing only 70 yards a game rushing. However, they are ranked 18th in the country in pass defense, allowing 186 yards a game. Clemson likes the throw and to use Watson’s legs.

    Alabama Offense vs Clemson Defense

    The Alabama offense would be something Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes would love to death. They are as old school as it gets. They line up and run the ball over and over and over again.

    The Tide is lead by Heisman Trophy winner RB Derrick Henry. Henry was a complete work horse this season, carrying the ball 359 times for 2,062 yards and 25 TDs. There’s not much else to say. You know Henry is going to get the ball, the question is, can you stop him?

    When Alabama does throw the ball, they rely on QB Jake Coker. Coker had decent stats this season, passing for 2,775 yards and 19 TDs. Coker’s main target is WR Calvin Ridley, who lead the Crimson Tide with 89 catches for 1,031 yards and 7 TDs.

    The Clemson defense isn’t special. They have talent, but aren’t known for being a shut down defense. They are ranked 18th in the country against the run allowing 124 yards rushing a game. Clemson does have a very good passing defense ranking 9th in the country giving up only 177 yards a game passing.

    This, however, plays right into Alabama’s offense. If Jake Coker is throwing the ball a lot, Alabama is in big trouble.


    This game is strength vs strength and weakness vs weakness, it seems to me. Clemson’s best half is their offense. Alabama’s best half is their defense. Clemson’s weakness is their defense, while Alabama’s is their offense (yes even with Henry).

    The key to this game will be can Clemson score. If Clemson can get up early by 2 TDs or more that will make Alabama throw the ball, something they want no part of. Clemson must take Henry out of the game (I’m not saying hurt him or anything). I’m calling for the upset.


    OSU wins another!
    (courtesy CBSSports)

    So there you have it. I’m predicting Clemson to win the National Championship, now comes the part I doubt many people will like. Ohio State is now left to wonder what could’ve been. How would Ohio State have done vs these 2 teams?

    I’m not going to go into a long preview and stuff, I’m going to be blunt and honest.

    By the way, I’m biased. Just thought I’d let you know up front.

    Ohio State vs Clemson

    This game would be the Orange Bowl all over again, IMO, with a slight difference.

    I fell this game would be high scoring and back and forth. The difference is Ohio State has a much better defense than it did then and Clemson doesn’t have Sammy Watkins.

    The difference between Ohio State’s offense against Clemson and Alabama’s is that Ohio State has a much better QB in J.T. Barrett and more offensive weapons.

    Ohio State would win a high scoring game. I’d predict.


    Ohio State vs Alabama

    The rematch everyone wanted, even us Ohio State fans. Alabama was lost after losing to Ohio State last year. All summer long their players, coaches, and fans were trying to find excuse after excuse as to why they lost to Ohio State.

    Their fans (which I have to deal with a couple every day on a message board I like to post on) still think they are superior to all teams in every way, no matter the final score.

    Alabama was helped a lot this year by the SEC, not because of how tough it made them, it was because how easy it was for them. The SEC was down this year big time, but you wouldn’t know that from the media or their fans.

    Every single SEC team this year lost at least 3 games, except of course, Alabama. But that just shows how strong the SEC is, right? (I’m rolling my eyes right now)

    Could you imagine if every team in the Big 10 but Ohio State had all lost 3 or more games what the media and other fans would be saying??

    Alabama’s defense would keep them close in this game. I do think their defense is very good. Zeke Elliott would find it hard to run on them. This game would be won on the arm of J.T. Barrett and the Ohio State speed (yes I said Ohio State speed) on the edge. As I said earlier, Alabama hasn’t faced a good QB all year with the exception of Chad Kelly (Ole Miss QB) and he lit them up.

    You know who I’d pick.


    We will never know, of course, I’m just giving my opinion on what would happen if Ohio State was playing either team for the National Championship. Fans of both Clemson and Alabama can laugh and say that they are playing for it and Ohio State isn’t, and they’d be right. Ohio State lost to the wrong team at the wrong time.

    Till the next time, Chill!

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