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LGHL Offensive line factory Ohio State could sign another 4-star standout soon

Discussion in 'News' started by Charles Doss, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Charles Doss

    Charles Doss Guest

    Offensive line factory Ohio State could sign another 4-star standout soon
    Charles Doss
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes dominate up front year in and year out. Could a Florida 4-star be the next great O-lineman in Columbus?

    The Buckeyes have the top class of 2017 at the moment, and are in good shape to soon add to the impressive list of elite prospects. Already on the leader list of many recruits, Ohio State finds themselves in the mix for another highly sought-after high school talent.

    Friday, on Twitter, class of 2017 offensive lineman Robert Hainsey announced the 10 final schools fighting for his pledge. Having picked up over 20 scholarship offers throughout the process, the four-star prospect is (in no specific order) now down to Ohio State, North Carolina, Penn State, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, and Florida.

    Hainsey, the third offensive guard and 69th overall prospect in the class of 2017, per the 247Sports Composite Rankings, didn't just put Ohio State among his final leaders, he also visited Columbus over the weekend to once again get a better feel for the program as a whole and to watch the Buckeyes go through spring drills.

    A Pittsburgh native, the 6'4, 275-pound standout suits up for IMG Academy. If IMG doesn't sound familiar, it should. The prep power located in Badenton, Florida was the one-time home of Buckeyes Tyler Gerald and Malik Barrow and currently has Ohio State commits Marcus Williamson and Isaiah Pryor on the roster.

    The Buckeyes once again signed a stellar group of offensive linemen in 2016, and are well on their way to repeating what is becoming a yearly event. With nearly a year until they sign their national letters of intent with a school, Ohio State holds verbal commitments from 2017 tackles Josh Myers and Jake Moretti. Since they're looking for an interior lineman to add to the haul, could Hainsey end up in Columbus? We'll have to wait and see.

    — Robert Hainsey5️⃣6️⃣ (@RH56__) March 26, 2016
    Buckeyes host Lindsey

    After playing host to Haskell Garrett, Tate Martell, and other Bishop Gorman standouts last week, another West Coast prospect made the trek to Columbus. Over the weekend, class of 2017 five-star wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey visited Ohio State.

    Having the chance to see Ohio State for the first time in person, Lindsey, of Centennial High School in Corona, California, took the chance to share his trip with the world via his Twitter page.

    He might not line up on the college level for another year or so, but the 5'9 speedster showed fans what he would look like in the Scarlet and Gray.


    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 25, 2016

    While on his trip, Lindsey -- who holds scholarship offers from not just OSU, but also program such as Oregon, Texas A&M, and USC -- had the chance to check out the facilities around campus and mingle with current Ohio State players. From these pics, it looks like the trip was a success.

    O S U B U C K E Y E S ❗️

    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 26, 2016


    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 27, 2016

    I want to thank the Ohio State staff, players, & my host @Austin_Mack10 for the amazing visit‼️® #BUCKEYENATION

    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 27, 2016

    Although it seems like Ohio State knocked his visit out of the park, all signs point towards Lindsey waiting to announce his college commitment. Having built a strong bond with Zach Smith, and with family living in Ohio, the Buckeyes could be in the mix until the end for Lindsey.

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