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LGHL Ohio State assistant Jeff Boals to be named head coach at Stony Brook, per report

Discussion in 'News' started by Matt Brown, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Matt Brown

    Matt Brown Guest

    Ohio State assistant Jeff Boals to be named head coach at Stony Brook, per report
    Matt Brown
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


    The Thad Matta coaching tree just grew another branch, as yet another Ohio State assistant basketball coach Jeff Boals will reportedly leave the program to become the new head coach at Stony Brook, per ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

    Boals, who had been with Ohio State since 2009, will get his first head coaching job, as he tries to continue the momentum that Steve Pikiell had established with the Seawolves, leading them to the NCAA Tournament. Pikiell left to take the head coaching position at Rutgers.

    Seen as Ohio State's defensive coordinator, Boals worked his extensive Ohio roots (he's a former Ohio Bobcat, and had also coached at Akron) to help bring local talent to the Buckeyes. He should be able to work those connections to help establish a pipeline from the Buckeye state and surrounding areas to Long Island.

    We've long been a proponent of what Boals can bring to another program. After all, we pitched him for virtually every job back in 2014, and for Bowling Green's opening in 2015. We did this not because we were anxious to get rid of Boals (we are not), but because we honestly think he is a good assistant that will make a more than capable head coach.

    Given the makeup of Ohio State's staff right now, the Buckeyes would do well to find another assistant with ties to the Buckeye state, and perhaps one who could help rebuild an offense that has grown a bit stagnant over the last few seasons.

    Congrats to Coach Boals, and best of luck in the future.

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