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LGHL Ohio State signs Malcolm Pridgeon, Malik Harrison to close 2016 recruiting class

Discussion in 'News' started by Bret Favachio, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Ohio State signs Malcolm Pridgeon, Malik Harrison to close 2016 recruiting class
    Bret Favachio
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    All previously committed prospects inked with the Buckeyes on Wednesday, and 2 more new signatures came through the fax machine.

    As we all know, Wednesday was National Signing Day for the 2016 recruiting cycle. It was a drama-free day for Ohio State as all non-early enrollees that were expected to sign with the Buckeyes did just that. However, head coach Urban Meyer and the Scarlet and Gray did ink two new members of the class.

    Pridgeon chooses OSU

    The biggest new addition -- according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings -- was when '16 JUCO OT Malcolm Pridgeon signed with Ohio State. The 6'8, 303-pounder from Nassau Community College in New York inked with the Buckeyes over offers from Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Ole Miss, and more.

    Pridgeon is just the second JUCO prospect that Ohio State has added since Meyer took over as head coach, with the first being Corey Smith back in 2013. While it is certainly something that isn't a familiarity for the Buckeyes, after Pridgeon's impressive official visit, it was no secret that Ohio State wanted to be the eventual landing spot for the mammoth offensive lineman.

    As for what the rankings say, Pridgeon finished his JUCO career with a 0.9328 grade on the 247Sports Composite Scale, which is good for four stars. It also means that Pridgeon is the Buckeyes' 11th-highest rated prospect in the 2016 recruiting class, right above '16 OG Tyler Gerald and below '16 ATH Jordan Fuller. Pridgeon is the fourth-best junior college prospect in the entire country, the third-best JUCO offensive tackle, and second-best JUCO from the state of New York.

    Harrison stays home

    The second-to-last member of the 2016 class came a little before 10:15 AM EST, when '16 ATH Malik Harrison faxed in his letter of intent to the Buckeyes. Harrison, a 6'4, 215-pounder, held a ceremony at Walnut Ridge (OH) and would pick Ohio State over Indiana, Louisville, and Wisconsin.

    Coming into the day, this one was an expected addition to the Buckeye class. In fact, the consensus thought is that Harrison actually put in his verbal commitment to Ohio State back on the 24th of January when the Columbus native made a quick unofficial visit to the campus.

    The pickup of Harrison brings another very talented three-star prospect to the Scarlet and Gray. While Harrison is reportedly hoping to play wide receiver in Columbus, many think he has Darron Lee 2.0 written all over him. Harrison finished as the 683rd overall prospect in the class and the 26th-best player in the state of Ohio.

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