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LGHL Ohio State's had ridiculous success at defensive end, and the future could be even brighter

Discussion in 'News' started by Austin Kemp, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Austin Kemp

    Austin Kemp Guest

    Ohio State's had ridiculous success at defensive end, and the future could be even brighter
    Austin Kemp
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Big-time defensive end Xavier Thomas visited Columbus Tuesday. Do the Buckeyes have a shot?

    With all news Ohio State being centered around the basketball team the last couple of days, the Buckeye football coaching staff is keeping the status quo on the recruiting trail, continuing to build on its elite 2017 class and also dipping their toes into 2018. With spring break in the rearview mirror, the coaching staff is now balancing practice and recruiting each week until the Spring Game on April 16.

    Class of 2018 defensive end Xavier Thomas was in Columbus yesterday and appeared to be having a good time. Thomas, from South Carolina, checks in at a mammoth 6'3, 255 pounds. If needed to, he could make the transition to playing inside at the next level. That remains to be seen as it stands now, though, and most schools are going after him to play on the edge. He hasn't blown up quite yet on all of the recruiting sites, but 247Sports ranks him as the number two defensive end in the country and a top five player overall. The Buckeyes left an impression on him over the last couple days, but it will definitely be tough to pull him from the two in-state schools -- Clemson and South Carolina. This recruiting battle has a couple years to work itself out and all Urban Meyer needs is to stay in the game in this one. Thomas is no doubt a freak athlete who also carries the ball for his high school. Colleges will be all over Thomas in a recruiting process that could go all the way to signing day in 2018.

    Ohio State is paradise man and I am not even halfway through the visit yet ⭕️ #Buckeyes #BuckeyeNation

    — Xavier Thomas (@atxlete) March 29, 2016

    Lindsey trimming list to 10

    As you've heard, Centennial-Corona (Bishop Gorman transfer) star wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey was in Columbus over last weekend and it went about as well as it could. He tweeted on Tuesday that he will be trimming his list to a top ten. It's a list that Ohio State is sure to make and while it's not the most earth-shattering news, there is definitely a positive energy around Lindsey and the Buckeyes that only seems to be getting stronger with time. The five-star prospect could be Ohio State's to lose at this point.


    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 29, 2016

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