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Opinion: Worst personal trait

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by BoxCar_Willie, May 10, 2004.

  1. BoxCar_Willie

    BoxCar_Willie The World's Favorite Hobo

    What is the worst personality trait you think a person can have?

    I'd have to say greed. I work in the personal finance industry, my branch in particular has some greedy F-in bastards in it. I've never seen greed like these people have. They don't care about what is right or wrong, morals, how their actions affect others, or anything near close to that. All they care about is making money for themselves and how their going to get what they want.
  2. vrbryant

    vrbryant Ever thus to ____ers Staff Member

    The inability to think independently.
  3. BuckeyeSoldier

    BuckeyeSoldier 2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion

    damn, this is hard, i dont like people for a LOT of reasons.. vr said the ability to think independently, i dont think i hate those ppl as much as I am annoyed by and pity them... i was going to say ppl who have absolutly no self esteem but i think that too is more of an annoyance and pity issue..

    i think i am going to have to go with xenophobes although there are about a dozen others id be willing to strangle people for.
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    I'm going to go with the "short fuse." When someone loses their temper so quickly, it impedes their logical thought process and overall productivity. Also, after a few meltdowns, people around that person generally try to tread easily thereby restricting true communication and cooperation.
  5. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall...

    OSU Grad,

    I agree with you there. I work with the public and I cannot help but laugh when people spazz out over petty things.

    Greed is my other hate.
  6. DEBuckeye

    DEBuckeye It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.

    Lack of responsibility and lack of concern for others. If we could clear these up, we'd take care of most of the problems we've got.
  7. ekeen

    ekeen Banned

    My pet peeve is individuality and "me-centrism". I see a lot of people not capable of working together to achieve a common goal.
  8. gbearbuck

    gbearbuck Herbie for President

    hands down people who are not honest... this includes lying, backstabbers etc...
  9. BuckeyeInTheBoro

    BuckeyeInTheBoro This space left intentionally blank

  10. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

    I'm with gbear, if you can't be honest I won't deal with you.
  11. BITB, right on

    same with the dishonesty

    all of these are good, but those two are right at the top of my list
  12. BuckeyeSoldier

    BuckeyeSoldier 2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion

    your scaring me dude.. I think i know what you meant. but damn that sounded awful nazi-ish..
  13. ekeen

    ekeen Banned

    Buckeye Soldier,

    Not individual in the sense of individuality but someone who marchs to the beat of a different drummer. You know, someone not playing on the same snap count when they are playing on the same team. That's what I meant.

    Take a trip down to Parris Island, you'll hear the word "individual" being used quite a bit.
  14. BuckeyeSoldier

    BuckeyeSoldier 2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion

    STOP STOP, TIME OUT, explain please..

    wait wait, now im confused... are you talking about parris island as in the marine training ground?

    i just checked and saw you havent posted in the sound off thread, were you in the marines?
    are you suggesting that all americans should think like marines? or did i just wiff?

    oh... and ok marches to the beat of a different drummer, that could mean a lot of things too... i want examples.. im sorry this is off topic i just need to be clear before i reply so i dont look like a retard..:tongue2:
  15. sears3820

    sears3820 Sitting around in my underwear....

    Fuckin' hypocrites.

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