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tBBC OSUMG: Tee-Kelly and Will Grimmer On To NCAA Regionals

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, May 5, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    OSUMG: Tee-Kelly and Will Grimmer On To NCAA Regionals
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The NCAA made it’s selection today (May 5th) for the team participating in the upcoming NCAA Regional qualifiers. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes did not make the cut. This is disappointing to me (I’m sure the team more so) since I thought they were a “bubble” team and played well enough to get an invitation.

    However, Tee-k Kelly and Will Grimmer were invited to participate to play as Individuals. These Individual invitations go to players who the NCAA Selection Committee feels are deserving, if their teams did not get an invitation.

    There are six regions; three regions have 13 teams and 10 individuals, while three regions have 14 teams and 5 individuals. Tee-k and Will Grimmer will be playing at Blackwolf Run Meadow Valleys Course in Kohler, WI. The Regional qualifiers will take place from May 16-18. The low five teams and (more to the point) low Individual from each Region will advance to the NCAA Championship round.

    Tee-k and Will have to bring their “A” games with them, because this set-up is working against them for two reasons. First, they are in a “high” participant Region; rather then the two of them have to fend off 3 competitors, they’ll do it against 8 competitors. The other factor is that since both of them are in the same region, only one of them can advance. So realistically, Tee-k and Will need to fend off 9 competitors.

    Will averaged 73.4 strokes per round, which was best on the team. Tee-k was 2nd best at an average of 73.6 strokes per round. This is pretty good scoring, since it took place over a wide range of golf courses. Clark Engle has to be kicking himself; his stroke average of 73.7 evidently was just a bit too high to make the cut. Ugh.

    Best of luck to Tee-k and Will. Fairways and greens, gentlemen.

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