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Other shoes?

Discussion in 'ESPN's 04-05 war against tOSU and Tressel' started by Oh8ch, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    I hate to even bring this up, but maybe someone can put my mind at ease.

    Somebody mentioned this might be part one in a multi-part story on OSU. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    The story on the BBall program is still out there and that has lots of juicy tidbits that would sell magazines - including sex and more than one ding-bat source.

    I'm just borowing trouble - right?
  2. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    There was a post over on BN by Bravefan saying that based on what he had heard this was going to be the first of several reports. I think there was some speculation that besides ESPN the Mag, it would be on Outside the Lines and other ESPN related programs. Below is one of his posts from Tuesday.

    "I came in here last night to give you a friendly heads-up regarding the story about to be reported by ESPN. I didn't have all the answers -- nor was I 100% sure that my information was completely accurate.

    Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, but I started the thread so that you weren't blindsided by this story. After I posted my "prepare for disturbing news" thread, I went to bed, and then had to get up early today for some meetings which had me away from my computer until now. I see that I was called a few bad names -- the most painful of which was "Michigan fan" -- because I didn't follow up my "warning" with any names, sources or otherwise substantive information. I realize I'm just an anonymous internet poster here -- but the reason I didn't say more was simply because I'd been given information that I thought could be very painful to two men I absolutely admire -- Jim Tressel and Andy Geiger -- even if the information were never journalistically or legally substantiated. I was reluctant to say anything at all -- but I felt that you, as Bucknuts, deserved to be informed of what was about to transpire.

    That being said, you should all know that ESPN still has more tricks up their sleeve, and this likely won't be going away anytime soon. Somebody at ESPN is trying to bring Jim Tressel and OSU football down -- and I'm afraid one of our own might be in on it. And no, I'm not going to expand on that.

    A poster on another thread said something along the lines of, "What else does ESPN have besides MoC, Sammy and Marco? Are they talking with car dealers? Are they talking with boosters? Are they talking with tutors?" The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes, and the story is being framed in such a way to indicate that Jim Tressel's hands are dirty. Very dirty.

    Unfortunately, I think Mr. Geiger is still going to be blindsided by a lot of the specifics. I'm afraid it's not going to be as easy as discrediting Maurice, Marco and Sammy -- although I would agree those aren't the most credible sources in the world (to put it mildly).

    I, like most of you, hope this story somehow blows over and doesn't trigger another NCAA investiation. But unless something happens to make ESPN back off -- I'm afraid this is going to get worse before it gets better."
  3. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist


    In my experience as an observer and (in the past) writer the number 1 rule in any form of journalism -- don't bury the lead. If they really had more to say, more damaging "truth, lies or consequences" to share it would already have happened.

    The only other interpretation is that they wanted to milk or ramp the story through the different ESPN avenues.

    I think the majority of such a tripartite ESPN approach is already our there.

    A - Initial ESPN Article.
    Wait for the initial tOSU reaction
    B - Follow on snippets from the DEBoU Club (Dissafected Ex-Buckeyes of the Universe) in web print media.
    C - Follow on commentary from your radio and TV outlets.

    What I believe caught ESPN by surprise is how fast and steady the retractions have been, even from their own "sources."
    How they play this from here on out will tell us more about ESPN and less about tOSU

    And how they are doing it is like this: which is the Robert Smith Article wherein the banner headline is totally at odds with the content, or Robert's quotes.

    If this is it they've got bupkis
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2004
  4. DaBuckMD

    DaBuckMD Rookie

    One thing is for sure -- ESPN is playing cut throat. They are backing themselves into a corner where they are going to have to prove OSU cheats or else they will lose credibility.

    I can not figure out their agenda. Is one of the higher ups at ESPN a Miami grad still fighting to get the 2002 NC? Too bad Larry Flynt isn't a Buckeye fan.
  5. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs

    do you think that espn will play the mafia card. i thought that the pharmor guy monus had some ties or something and with delimutti being the gambler you know he has had some interaction.

    i personally hope espn does and the mafia shows them what is up. though it could just be that i am watching the sopranos and my drunken mind is wandering.
  6. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    I really don't think its too far fetched to think that someone is trying to get boring tressel fired and put the exciting Spurrier or Urban Meyer (sp?) in his place. I don't think ESPN would just decide to get a coach fired, but with the right person of influence and a table full of evidence (there is a lot, but so far its all hearsay), I could see it happening.
  7. DaBuckMD

    DaBuckMD Rookie

    The way this is going, it looks like they are trying to shut down the football program
  8. And knowing our esteemed University President's proclivity for down-playing college football, this really gives her plenty of ammo to tell the board that things are out of control.

    Tress needs every friend he can get...and he needs them right now to come to his defense. No comment won't carry this issue w/espn. Only an aggressive "here's the allegation", "here's the truth" will put this issue where it belongs.

    espn has cleverly pushed this out at the exact time JT and staff are busiest with end of season games. They want to break him and they want to break our program.
  9. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    Clearly Holbrook knows the reality of what is happening. Despite the opinion so many have of her I think better of her than to think she would sell out under pressure from a Sports Network.

    I also have a hard time swallowing that ESPN wants to get JT out for a more exciting coach. Fact is OSU has had more exciting games the past three years than any school in Div 1A. When you go down to the wire the fans have to watch the entire game - and all the commercials.

    My take is they simply think they have enough fodder to make a sensational story and they are going with it. Scandals sell mags and air time. OSU is a fun school to hate if you are from somewhere else. (How many of us reveled in the Nebraska scandals of a decade ago?) Despite the talk on here about boycotting ESPN there has NEVER been this much interest among OSU fans in everything they say and do.

    Oh, and by the way, guess who is carrying the game Saturday?
  10. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    Souls of the departed haunt Youngstown - ESPN FB

    Booster money train at OSU - ESPN FB

    'Somebody will take a shot at him at someplace' - ESPN FB

    Special to Page 2 - ESPN FB

    Buckeyes chime in - ESPN FB

    My Side - ESPN FB

    Holding Fire - ESPN FB

    Geiger says he's not surprised by the accusations - ESPN (AP) FB

    Vote: Maurice Clarett Talks - ESPN FB

    Clarett claims cash, cars among benefits - ESPN FB

    Extra Credit - ESPN FB

    Hummm, looks like a freaking stampeed to me Oh8ch. I'd say the other shoe has dropped, and dropped, and dropped, and will probably continue to do so. Here's my take on this mess. ESPN is sitting on a juicy story, an exclusive story from Maurice Clarett. They can't really trust him and the only corraborating information they can get is from folks with less that stellar credentials or that have revenge issues with OSU much like Maurice. So what to do? The editors table it and tell their reporters to back this information up. After a while they still don't have a smoking gun or "ace" witness. But they do have a mound of second hand evidence that suggests something fishy is going on. What to do? Well rather than lose this story to someone else, the writers finally convince the editors to run the stories. The hope being that once the mountain of heresay and secondhand rumors hits the market, other players, coaches, administrtors, teachers, will come running to tell their story as well. Thus corraborating the story and giving ESPN a bone fide sensational tale to tell. Heck, what's their downside (they think)? The rest of CFB fans will be reading everyday to see what's new. OSU fans will be reading everyday to see what's new. The anger will be focused on Maurice (so they think) because ESPN is only reporting Maurice's point of view.

    Well, things aren't turning out the way ESPN planned. People are beginning to back-peddle from their stories. Claims are being made (by those interviewed) that ESPN misquoted or misrepresented their questions and topic of their story. Problem is that ESPN looks like it's ready willing and able to eat this giant shit sandwich. They've already taken the first big bite (served on a bun ... Maurice's) by running the article. There seem prepared to eat the whole thing in hopes that someone will (in the end) prove their instincts right. I hope they choke on this gigantic turd.

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