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Recruiting News - 01/14/05

Discussion in '2005/January' started by 3yardsandacloud, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    Well recruitniks, here's some recruiting news links from today. While I am in no way able to fill the shoes of BuckNutty or Buckskin86, I thought I'd try and fill the gap just a bit. It will in no way replace the wealth or information provided by Nutty/86 but hopefully it helps. Guess we all realize how much those guys meant to this forum now huh? I will try (time permitting) to throw up some links for each day. I have run across these from time to time while doing the general OSU news for the front page, but have always left them for the expects (Nutty & 86, LJB, etc.) in the past. I will be extremely busy for the next week or two so the links might be spotty (or non existent) at times, but bear with me. We'll get through NLOI.

    So, instead of populating each individual thread with news about different recruits, I'll make one thread with all the day's links. Feel free to copy what you see and place it in the appropriate thread under the appropriate recruit. Actually, it would be very nice if someone did this, as I don't have the time at hand. I will link everything of relavence that I come across. That includes premium articles (Note: I do not have premium membership at any site). If someone has access to those articles and would like to add a brief summary for our readers ... great. In any event I will include the "teaser" text from those links for your info. I will also include the full text (and link) from "free" articles. I'm new at this so, it will take me some time to get anywhere near the level of excellence provided before. But please feel to make suggestions and list what players you'd like me to search for (in order of importance). Obviously, I won't be able to search for all the potential recruits, but a top 15-20 list would be doable (I think).

    Lastly, let's all band together and make life easier for the mods that are patrolling this forum. Those guys are trying to continue the outstanding work and level of excellence set down by Nutty and 86. Let's all try and do the same.

    <font color="#b90000">Friday, January 14, 2005</font>

    Slim Numbers Here For Recruiting Visits (Doug Worthington) - AM850 (Florida)

    Slim Numbers Here For Recruiting Visits
    January 14, 2005 08:08 AM

    Partly because of the U.S. Army All Star game being played this weekend, there won't be many high school football players making official visits to the University of Florida this weekend.

    Expected to visit are defensive lineman Doug Worthington from New York; offensive lineman Simon Codrington from Miami, and offensive lineman Duke Robinson from Atlanta.

    It remains to be seen exactly how many players Florida will sign given the changes in the coaching staff at Florida and the departure of recruiting coordinator Mike Locksley right in the middle of the recruiting season.

    Most people who follow recruiting know that Florida's biggest needs are at linebacker, offensive line, and at defensive back.

    The Gators have a nice starting unit at linebacker but there are serious depth issues at the position. On the offensive line, there are a lot of bodies now but four graduated in 2004 and players like Mike DeGory and Randy Hand will graduate in 2005 so there is a need here. In the secondary, depth is an issue at safety behind two excellent players in Kyle Jackson and Tony Joiner and there are many questions at cornerback in terms of who will start and having quality backups as well.

    National signing day is February second.

    Commitment Saturday - Scout (SuperPrep)

    Commitment Saturday
    By Jamie Newberg**National Recruiting Analyst
    Date: Jan 14, 2005

    The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is this Saturday on NBC at 1 p.m. Eastern. During the telecast there could be as many as 20 verbal commitments. While in San Antonio, Texas for coverage of the game I had a chance to talk with all the players and here are their finialists.

    One of the great things about the U.S. Army All-American Bowl over the previous four games was the players involved in the game made their college commitments during the game. Well, during Saturday’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl there will be as many as 20 players that will make their decisions known.

    Here is a breakdown of who is scheduled to make their commitments this weekend during the game.

    Melvin Alaeze (DT) Randallstown (Md.)
    Down to – Maryland, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Southern Cal
    “It’s those four. Some people think I am staying close to home but I don’t know.”

    Toney Baker (RB) Jamestown (N.C.) Ragsdale
    Down to – NC State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Virginia
    “I will give you all five but I have one in mind. My decision may surprise everyone.”

    Ryan Bain (DT) Bolingbrook (Ill.)
    Down to – Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin
    “I will figure it out this week.”

    Dan Doering (OL) Barrington (Ill.)
    Down to – Iowa, Tennessee or Oklahoma
    “I'm choosing between those three schools at the game.”

    David Gettis (WR) Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey
    Down to – Baylor, Southern Cal, Cal., Washington
    “I made my decision last week and man I can’t wait to get it out.”

    Jason Gwaltney (RB) North Babylon (N.Y.)
    Down to – West Virginia, Ohio State and Southern Cal
    “There is a possibility I will commit during the game on Saturday. I am not 100% sure just yet because I have been changing my mind every day.”

    D.J. Hord (WR) Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst
    Down to – Wisconsin, Kansas State and Notre Dame
    “I think my decision will surprise some people.”

    Raymond Henderson (DE) Oak Creek (Wisc.)
    Down to – Iowa, Tennessee, UCLA and Nebraska
    “I made my decision last week and I will tell you on Saturday.”

    Rey Maualuga (LB) Eureka (Calif.)
    Down to – Southern Cal and Oregon
    “I am close to a decision. I have it in my mind but I have not figured it out just.”

    Rico McCoy (LB) Washington (D.C.) St. Johns College
    Down to – Tennessee and Ohio State
    “Those are the final two and I will decide sometime this week and announce on Saturday.”

    Roy Miller (DT) Killeen (Texas) Shoemaker
    Down to – Oklahoma, UCLA, Utah and Texas
    “We’ll just see what happens on Saturday.”

    Tony Moeaki (TE) Wheaton (Ill.) Warrenville South
    Down to – BYU, Iowa, and Tennessee
    “My family is coming in on Thursday and I plan on sitting down and talking with them then about the decision. I want to pick the best decision for me.”

    Adam Myers-White (S) Hamilton (Ohio)
    Down to – Purdue, Tennessee, Nebraska
    “I have already made my decision. It has been a few weeks and I feel real good about it.”

    Jerrell Powe (DT) Waynesboro (Miss.)
    Down to – Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU
    “I made my decision and that’s it for me.”

    Ryan Reynolds (LB) Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman
    Down to – Wisconsin and Oklahoma
    “There will be two hats in a bag and I could look in there and it could go either way. It’s a gut feel.”

    Dace Richardson (Ill.) Warrenville South
    Down to – Iowa and Tennessee
    “I still have not made my decision. I will later this week because I want to make sure, talk with some of the guys. It may just come down to a gut feeling.”

    Patrick Turner (WR) Madison (Tenn.) Goodpasture
    Down to – Tennessee and Southern Cal
    “I may or may not make a decision on Saturday. If I am not ready I don’t want to rush into it.”

    Ekom Udofia (DT) Scottsdale (Az.) Chaparral
    Down to Stanford, USC and Miami
    “I will have one hat in the bag on Saturday and then put it on.”

    Maurice Wells (RB) Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood
    Down to – Georgia Tech and Ohio State
    “I already made my decision and I am trying not to second guess myself. I actually made it around Thanksgiving.”

    The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is played in San Antonio, Texas., at the Alamodome on Jan. 15, 2005, and broadcast nationally on NBC at 1 p.m. Eastern. is a sponsor, the official selection partner and exclusive on-line partner of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, as well as the associated U.S. Army Combine for underclassmen. The game features the top 78 football prospects in the country. East versus West.

    Will Kearney's second visit be his last? - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Will Kearney's second visit be his last?

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Tucker, Ga., linebacker Tavares Kearney visited South Carolina last weekend. He begins his official visit to Ohio State on Saturday. Will this be it for Kearney. Or will Kearney likely take other trips?

    No doubt about Zematis - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    No doubt about Zematis

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Bloomfield Hills (Mich.) Andover defensive end and tight end Brian Zematis, who committed to Indiana before Gerry DiNardo was fired, is making his official visit with the Hoosiers this weekend and leaves no doubt who he will sign with.

    Florida DB headed to Big Ten country - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Florida DB headed to Big Ten country

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    North Miami Beach, Fla., defensive back E.J. Biggers is headed to Big Ten country today for an official visit. Who will Biggers visit, who else is he looking at, and who are Biggers favorites?

    Carey ready for second official visit - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Carey ready for second official visit

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Cincinnati (Ohio) Elder quarterback Craig Carey is ready for his second official visit. Where is he headed this weekend and who else is Carey planning to visit?

    Is Peele getting close? - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Is Peele getting close?

    Greg Biggins Recruiting Analyst *
    It's been an interesting for Fresno (Calif.) Edison defensive back Robert Peele. The talented cover corner committed to his dream school after receiving a late scholarship offer, decided to take a few more trips anyway, had his offer pulled, and now will take one more trip before making a final decision.

    Nabolotny ends his recruiting nightmare - Rivals 100 PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Nabolotny ends his recruiting nightmare

    Tim O'Halloran Recruiting Analyst *
    Glenbrook (Ill.) South two star ranked tight end prospect Michael Nabolotny (6-foot-6, 240 pounds) has ended what he called his recruiting nightmare on Thursday night when he gave the University of Illinois his verbal commitment. Nabolotny takes us on a trip down his recruiting nightmare experience, as well as this horror story's eventual happy ending.

    Will OSU visit be it for Kearney? - Buckeye Sports Bulletin PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Will OSU visit be it for Kearney?

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Tucker, Ga., linebacker Tavares Kearney begins his official visit to Ohio State on Saturday. Will this be it for Kearney, who visited South Carolina last weeekend? Or will Kearney likely take other trips?

    Biggers anxious to visit Ohio State - Rivals (Buckeye Sports Bulletin) PREMIUM

    January 14, 2005
    Biggers anxious to visit Ohio State

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    North Miami Beach, Fla., defensive back E.J. Biggers gets is official visit with the Buckeyes started today. Biggers has never been to Ohio State and is definitely looking forward to this trip.

    Kearney Ready For Visit - Scout (Bucknuts)

    Kearney Ready For Visit
    By Kyle Lamb
    Date: Jan 14, 2005

    Linebacker Tavares Kearney of Tucker, Ga. is a player who has come on the Buckeye recruiting scene somewhat late, but it seems like Ohio State is definitely trying hard to add him to the class. Kyle Lamb caught up with Kearney to find out more about his plans for the coming weeks.

    It's time for the January squeeze. It's the period of time when up and coming recruits squeeze in their last visits and coaches make some last minute changes to their recruiting big boards. One of the names causing some of the fluctuating is Georgia LB, Tavares Kearney.

    Kearney is a 6-1 215-pound linebacker from Tucker, GA. This past season as a senior, he recorded 97 tackles, 18 sacks, had 51 quarterback hurries, and as a tight end he had 7 catches for 187 yards and two touchdowns.

    He must now make his choice in the next couple of weeks out of a core of four schools.

    "I'm only looking at South Carolina, Ohio State, Georgia, and Florida," Kearney told Bucknuts on Wednesday night. "I would say everyone is about the same right now."

    "I'm going to try to get around to the rest of my visits and see which school stands out," he added.

    One of Kearney's visits is actually out of the way.

    This past weekend, Kearney was in Columbia to visit South Carolina. First-year head coach Steve Spurrier made quite the impression on Kearney.

    "Everything was good," he recalled. "It was my first official so I didn't know what to expect but everything turned out just fine. It sounds like it will be good up there (at South Carolina). Everyone likes him a lot. In fact, we were at a basketball game and everyone was calling out his name."

    With his South Carolina visit in the books, it's now time for Kearney to turn his focus to Ohio State this weekend.

    Ohio State defensive backs coach Mel Tucker has been recruiting Kearney, who leaves for Columbus on Saturday morning. Kearney will be at Ohio State until Monday, when he returns home.

    Kearney, who said the Ohio State coaches are expected to pay him a visit at home next week, is excited to meet the entire coaching staff in person-especially head coach Jim Tressel.

    "They seem pretty cool. I can't wait to talk to Coach Tressel," he acknowledged "I'm looking forward to getting to know the coaches, the players, and there. I also am looking forward to see things academic wise to see how the school is and how it feels up there."

    Although Kearney wants to let the coaches do the talking, and learn more about Ohio State this weekend, what does he already know about them?

    "It's a fairly small town and everyone knows about Ohio State football," he explained. "Large crowds, they put a lot of players to the league, a lot of great press, and a lot of T.V. time. I also know I'll have to do what I've got to do up there to be able to play-work hard."

    According to Kearney, a lot of teams have recruited him as either an OLB or a SS, but Ohio State is looking at him prominently at the WILL position.

    Next up after the Ohio State visit for Kearney will be a visit to Georgia next weekend. After that he will conclude with a trip to Florida, when he will decide shortly after.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2005
  2. Thanks a lot 3yardsandacloud, you are doing a great job too. I'm sure you guys will do just fine.
  3. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    Good work 3yds.

    As my wife told me on our wedding day - nice threads.
  4. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    Good work and much appreciated. Nutty and 86 would be proud.
  5. Buckeye Nut

    Buckeye Nut Junior

    Kind of off topic, but what happened to Nutty and 86? Are they no longer with the planet and won't be posted information here anymore? Thanks.
  6. Hubbard

    Hubbard Administrator's Staff Member Bookie

    Well they didn't go anywhere, but they didn't like the direction that the site was going, so they took an hiatus for the time being. Let's hope they come back. I think we are getting the site back on track so I see no reason for them to stay away. Also others, including myself have been updating each thread.
  7. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Was that before or after you took off your pants? :slappy:
  8. Buckeye Nut

    Buckeye Nut Junior

    Let's hope so, I for one want them back because I enjoyed their information and commentary. Did they think the planet was starting to become too much like bucknuts? I sure hope the planet never sinks to that level of intelligence.
  9. buckiprof

    buckiprof 21st Century Buckeye Man Staff Member

    Thanks for the update 3yards!

    It is in everyone's power to ensure that BP does not sink to the level of BN. This recruiting forum is the only forum here that has rules posted on the first page to help prevent the Bucknutification of BP. These rules are simple and easy to follow. They basically boil down to treating ALL recruits with respect and not going off if said recruit picks another school to attend. And it is this level of respect we afford all of the recruits here at BP that keeps us from wallowing in the mud like can frequently happen at BN.
  10. thats some funny $#*!

    glad our mods at bp have a since of humor
  11. Airspace

    Airspace Newbie

    3yards - just want to say thank you and appreciate the info and work that you do.
  12. TallIndian

    TallIndian Rookie

    Wells on Board

    Fron another board:

    [​IMG] channel 4 says Wells is on board!
    <HR SIZE=1>they say he's in. Hope they are right.

    then later:

    Sandalwood's Wells picks Ohio State

    Super 24 Player of the Year chooses Big Ten's Buckeyes over Georgia Tech.

    By CHASE GOODBREAD, The Times-Union

    Sandalwood High running back Maurice Wells will announce to a nationally televised audience today that he will sign with Ohio State, choosing the Buckeyes over Georgia Tech. One of the most heavily recruited running backs in the nation, Wells told Saints coach Adam Geis on Friday morning that he chose Ohio State primarily for family connections in Columbus, Ohio.

    "He has a grandmother he's close to that lives there, and he said the rest of his family will probably end up moving there anyway," Geis said. "He thought he could play at both places, but it came down to a family thing."

    Wells will make the announcement on NBC during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl broadcast. The game, featuring an East vs. West all-star format including many of the nation's top recruits, kicks off at 1 p.m.

    Wells is academically qualified for freshman eligibility and was a Times-Union Super 11, Super 24 and Super 75 choice as a senior. After rushing for 1,836 yards as a senior, despite missing most of two games with a hip injury, Wells was named the T-U's 2004 Super 24 Player of the Year.

    Maurice Wells is the first Northeast Florida prospect to sign with the Buckeyes since Bobby Britton signed in 2000.
    BRUCE LIPSKY/The Times-Union
    Geis said that while he wishes Wells luck with the Buckeyes, he is concerned that OSU's penchant for playing bigger running backs will preclude Wells (5-10, 177 pounds) from being a starter.

    "I've been his biggest fan for three years," Geis said. "And I hope everything he wants comes true. But he's always told me he wants to run the ball [in college], and I just don't see it happening there."

    Geis' father, Buddy Geis, is an assistant coach at Georgia Tech, though Adam Geis said his family connection with the school that finished runner-up for Wells does not drive his concern.

    "If he wants 20 carries a game somewhere," Geis said. "I just think there are other schools that fit him better, and not just Georgia Tech. Ohio State has always had big pounders running the ball, and I don't see that changing."

    In only 2 1/2 seasons as a starter, Wells broke Frankie Franklin's Sandalwood record for rushing yards in a career (5,995). As a junior in 2003, he broke the state record for rushing yards in a game (429) against Stanton Prep, and the Northeast Florida record for yards in a season (3,075).

    He is the first Northeast Florida prospect to sign with the Buckeyes since Raines defensive back Bobby Britton, who signed in 2000 and primarily played special teams at OSU. Wells also made official visits to Southern Cal and Maryland. He was offered a scholarship by both Florida and Florida State, but visited neither.

    apparently the local FL paper
  13. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    Just judging by the coach's comments, I'd say this is one heck of a recruiting job by everyone involved for Ohio State. Welcome aboard, Maurice, and congrats to the Buckeye staff for this great get. And don't worry, Maurice - there will be plenty of carries for you here in Columbus. He has Archie Griffin size, Archie Griffin quickness, and hopefully, he'll have an Archie Griffin career!
  14. Hubbard

    Hubbard Administrator's Staff Member Bookie

    Wow that coach sounds bitter.........
  15. BrutusBobcat

    BrutusBobcat Icon and Entertainer

    It appears that coach Geis' Cheerios have been whizzed in by a man wearing a sweater vest. :cool:

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