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BTN Report details revenue numbers for 14 Big Ten football programs

Discussion in 'News' started by Tom Dienhart,, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Report details revenue numbers for 14 Big Ten football programs
    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer via Big Ten Network

    David Jones at has a look at the list of Big Ten teams based on gross football revenue from 2014-15. Not too many surprises in there to me, but it is interesting stuff. The Big Ten Conference is flush with cash. Except for newer members Nebraska, Rutgers and Maryland, each Big Ten institution receives about $32.4 million annually from external sources under the league’s payout arrangement, according to this story. Those external sources would be TV rights and bowl money. Coming in first on this list? Michigan at $88.3 million in gross football revenue. And some fretted about the cost of Jim[​IMG]

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