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Seahawks +2.5 at Falcons (ov/un 45.5) Sun 1

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by BB73, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie

    Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll head to the ATL.
  2. BigWoof31

    BigWoof31 Barking up the wrong tree...

    Every VDollar to my name on the Falcons.
  3. GeorgiaBuck2

    GeorgiaBuck2 Lets Go!

    Go dirty birdz!
  4. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    Chris Clemons is out. I'd put my money on
    The Birds.
  5. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Urban Renewal Project

    I'm taking the Over. I have a feeling there will be some quick hitters in this game. Both teams seem to go for the jugular.
  6. Mr_Burns

    Mr_Burns Junior

    Anyone else getting that choppy, robotic [Zeke] for this game? I'm trying to figure out if it's Fox's problem or something with my satellite.
  7. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    Old man touchdown Tony.
  8. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    Jaquizz Rodgers doing his beast mode impression.

    Looks like he put on some mass.
  9. Wells4Heisman

    Wells4Heisman Georgian' Buck

    Rogers really getting the dome rocking.
  10. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    Pitbull needs to go away...
  11. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    No que pare la fiesta!!!!!

  12. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    Seattle looks like dung...
  13. Jake

    Jake We Are!

    This game is over at halftime.
  14. Wells4Heisman

    Wells4Heisman Georgian' Buck

    Deja vu for Russell Wilson with that clock management.
  15. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    Yep. Two gems yesterday, I think we'll have a pair of clunkers today...

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