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tBBC TBBC Roundtable: Pre-Season Expectations for Buckeye Football

Discussion in 'News' started by WVaBuckeye, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. WVaBuckeye

    WVaBuckeye Guest

    TBBC Roundtable: Pre-Season Expectations for Buckeye Football
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    As you all may already know, we love roundtables around these parts and have become pretty good at them. Hopefully, we will have one just about every Friday as the practices and season hit to keep you updated on our pulse as a crew. Let’s get rolling with our pre-season expectations!
    What is the one thing that you know to be true about this years team?

    JT is back too

    Ben – I know that there will be some growing pains this season. The team is very very young and does not have a lot of senior leadership. I expect to see a lot of mistakes early on in the season, but growth throughout the season as well. This will be a fun team to watch mature as the season progresses. I expect some losses along the way this season, but I expect the games to be enjoyable and fun to watch. I am sure there will be a mixture of blow-outs and nail biters. I know that we will come ready to play against the team up north in November and hopefully hand Harbaugh his second loss in the series!

    Jason – That they’re hungry and going to play hard, ala 2014. There seems to be something in the water at Ohio State when they’re the favorite. They play tight and at times seem entitled (Hawaii players even said so last year). When they’re the perceived underdog they rise up. It’s odd and needs to change, but luckily for us, this year is an “underdog” year.

    Michael – JT Barrett will be awesome. Barrett knows he’s the QB unless he gets hurt. It’s his team and show. He might have a better year than his freshman season. Yes, I said that. Barrett has young talent around him but holy cow at the level of talent he has. There is speed, speed, and more speed everywhere you see. I don’t expect Barrett to have mind blowing rushing numbers but he will get his. There is no doubt in my mind that Barrett will be in New York in December

    Scott – It will be a lot better than people think. Yes, there is a lot of inexperience and a lot of youth. But the roster is full of talented players, and even though they are inexperienced, they are still better football players than almost any other roster of players OSU will face this year.

    Brandon – There are so many changes to this year’s team that there is not too much we know for sure. One thing we do know is that Coach Meyer and his staff will have the youngsters ready to play. They have done such a wonderful job recruiting over the past couple of years and it will show this year as many people step into the starting role and become stars. People are sleeping on the Buckeyes this year because of the mass changeover but, at a lot of positions, there are guys who have a lot of experience ready to step in. This may be the first year of starting for guys like Samuel, Hubbard, Booker, Lattimore, and Webb but they have seen the field quite a bit in other roles. The coaching staff will have them ready to make a run to the playoffs.

    JC – I expect this team to be a fantastic and wonderful surprise. The talk seems to be focused on the rebuilding & lack of Senior leadership…. I don’t see it that way. I see a team with less expectations because of this “rebuilding” mentality that will command our attention each week and deliver above “expectations”. I see a talented team that is under the radar and will bring the “mighty” back into the realm of reality. Look for Price and Elflein and , of course, JT, to be centerpieces of this team. Look also for Weber to be the new Stud.

    WVa – I know that this is yet another Urban Meyer coached team that will probably exceed expectations. He has and always will be the best coach for underdog teams. I am not saying that he isn’t a great coach altogether but it seems that his teams that he has needed to motivate typically overachieve. I am looking forward to how he handles this much talent that has little expectations!

    What/Who will be the surprise this season?​

    Ben – I think Mike Weber will be the biggest surprise this season. I think he ends up earning the starting tailback job, and taking the reigns and running with it. I don’t expect him to have Zeke like numbers or pass protect like him, but I do expect him to help soften the load that JT will have to shoulder this season running the ball. I know JT will get a lot of runs, but I would like to see him protected a bit more this season as the options behind him have zero in-game experience and that worries me. I see Weber getting close to 1000 yards on the ground and 10-12 TD’s. Any more than that would be a really big surprise as I expect Dunn and Samuel to contribute from the backfield as well.

    Jason – Hopefully it’s Mike Weber or Bri’ontee Dunn. They can’t rely on JT Barrett as the main running threat.

    Michael – The offense. Everyone will point at all the players now gone. Don’t get me wrong, the list is long and has some of the greatest players ever to play for Ohio St on it. I especially think the WR Corp will be a sight to see. I think by the years end Gibson will be one of the most explosive WRs in the country. Ohio St offense is going to be dangerous

    Scott – I’m 50-50 on winning in Norman, but OSU is the prohibitive favorite in the B1G and when/if the Buckeyes win the conference title game, it’ll be impossible to keep them out with just one loss or undefeated.

    Brandon – I have written about this guy enough over the past few months that hopefully he isn’t a surprise to Buckeye Nation BUT the biggest surprise this season (for the rest of the nation) will be Curtis Samuel. This guy is the play-maker the Buckeyes have been hoping for since Meyer arrived. They have tried numerous players at H-back (Philly, Wilson, Miller, Marshall, etc.) with hopes that somewhat replicate what Meyer did with Percy Harvin. I think that is an unfair comparison for anyone but I think Samuel will come the closest to being that guy. Each one of those players in the past that were very good at one thing and tried working on the others to be a complete H-back. Samuel can run the ball out of the backfield and is very fluid catching the ball as a wide receiver.

    JC – This is JT’s team. He has the QB job and all of the confidence of Coach Meyer. This will be JT’s year in the air, and naturally on the ground. I look for conversation reference JT and the NY Athletic Club at the end of the season. And again, Weber …. Yes, indeed he’ll be the horse out of the gate. Samuel too will prove to be a pleasant commodity too.

    WVa – I am in the same boat as Scott here. I am on the fence when it comes to winning in Norman and against Stoops. I have seen some pretty good football teams go in there confident and come out with their tails between their legs. The Buckeyes could be facing the Heisman front runner in Baker Mayfield which will be a nice early season challenge for the Buckeyes young and inexperienced defense.

    Who has become your favorite player for this season and why?

    Leading The Way

    [​IMG]Ben – Pat Elflein. He came back when no one else did, and I always respect that out of kids who can go make millions playing professional football. Not only did he decide to stay, he is changing positions to help solidify the offensive line and improve his overall draft stock in the process. He was an under the radar recruit while Vrabel was the head coach, and had to convince Urban to keep him when he took over as coach. I would say that the move paid off nicely as Elflein has been nothing short of dependable and reliable on the offensive line. I look forward to him and Billy Price working together to grow the offensive line cohesion with the young guys and get them ready for years to come.

    Jason – RAEKWONZA!!! (Raekwon McMillan for the uninitiated) Every year my favorite players seem to be linebackers or running backs, those “heart and soul” guys. Josh Perry will forever be a top 5 favorite Buckeye for me so Raekwon is an obvious fit for the role.

    [​IMG]Michael – Noah Brown. This kid was primed to have a break out season last year only to break his leg in summer practice. He’s worked hard and will probably be a starting WR this season. I expect great things from him this year. I hope he shows what he can do out there. I’ll be rooting for him

    Scott – Don’t have one yet. Need to see a few games first.

    Brandon – My favorite player is Sam Hubbard. I think he will explode onto the national scene and dominate opposite of Tyquan Lewis. His speed off of the edge will force teams to double and triple team him just like they did Joey Bosa which will open up things for the defensive line.

    WVa – I have a tie here only because it’s difficult for me to choose between an offensive future star and a defensive player that’s already proven his worth. Mike Weber will be one of the stars on offense in a year that there will probably be many and no thousand yard rushers except JT he will be key. Gareon Conley stood out to me last year and he is my favorite on defense. He plays with an edge, loves to hit and is good at what he does. He will be needed to help bring the secondary along quickly.

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