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Game Thread Texas Game Score Predictions

Discussion in '2005 Football Season Capsule' started by MililaniBuckeye, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. scarletngrey11

    scarletngrey11 All right, all right, all right.

    what helps me predict the outcome of this big game between two superior teams in the nation is one word...


    ill jus let u think about that
  2. 2002UNC

    2002UNC Newbie

    DaveyBoy remeber that Okie St. led the nation in turnover margin last year on offense. Remeber that Okie St. is a hell of alot better than Texas on special teams. Another thing to remember is Okie St. put 35 1st half points on the vaunted Texas defense...7 on out second stringers.
  3. DaveyBoy

    DaveyBoy Our Honor Defend

    understood....but it appeared that OkSU broke after Texas came back with like 50 unanswered points on them in mid October.....but who knows? I'd prefer to think of it as though OkSU tried to gain redemption at hte Alamo Bowl but met a foe that was in a different league
  4. casey_buckeye

    casey_buckeye 3rd time is a charm! Miami in January!

    If a team we held to only 7 points can score 35 in a half on the Texas defense, it would be ignorant to say OSU can't do the same! Especially when we are at home at night!
  5. DaveyBoy

    DaveyBoy Our Honor Defend

    I wouldn't look at it that way.......Texas ran and passed through OkSU in the 2nd half of their game like a hot knife through butter.......I think that game woke Texas up and put OkSU to sleep somewhat. Therefore, I wouldn't use it for predictive purposes except for this:

    1. athletic (run first, pass second) QBs don't fare well against Ohio State in general
    2. defenses that are mostly DB oriented and less LB oriented fare poorly against Tressel teams as he is willing to go to the TE and WR on short crossing routes to isolate/expose LBs......then trap DBs with longer routes as they cheat up to support short passes

    the one thing that gives me some concern in this game is the fact that Selvin Young will be available and he is a stud........I think if UT is able to establish a surge on the ends and get Young to go AT Hawk or Carpenter and take away their pursuit advantage, they could eat up some significant chunks of yardage as I just don't see Schlegel being fast enough to get out there to stop him. This will lead to overpursuit by the MLBs....which will play into VY's hands. Michigan found out the hard way that if your LB isn't in perfect position to tackle VY in space that he can slip away.

    but I stand by my guess tha tOSU will win by 10 to 14 points
    kinch likes this.
  6. Pheasant

    Pheasant This space for rent.

    That logic would seem sound, but we are talking about college football. I'll give an example of what I mean:
    1998- Ohio University scores 31 on NC State in the first half, and only gives up 7. OU ends up losing on a blocked punt for TD, 34-31.
    Next week, NC State beats #2 Florida State 24-7.
    Does that mean Ohio University beats Florida State?
    Those games were played in back to back weeks, this game and the Alamo Bowl are being played 9 months apart, not to mention graduation, new players etc.
  7. EngineerHorn

    EngineerHorn No todo alli

    Good post Findlay.

    This is true, our defense looked like shit that first half. Like they were just going through the motions. But, for the sake of fairness, wouldn't it be a good idea to qualify that statement with the performance in the 2nd half? UT scored 49 points between Okie state first downs. They were held without a single first down for the entire third quarter and half the fourth quarter, when the game was out of reach and the second stringers went in.

    Both the first half and second half performance are anomalies. What you folks see on the tenth of September will be somewhere in between.

    I'm too lazy to compile all the predictions, but it would be interesting to see the overall average and the averages from UT and tOSU fans. If anyone gets bored at work, this would be greatly appreciated.:)
  8. scarletngrey11

    scarletngrey11 All right, all right, all right.

  9. FMI

    FMI Newbie

    OSU's defense wins big against UT's offense.

    OSU's offense wins by a slim margin against UT's defense.

    Special teams advantage goes to the Bucks by a large margin.

    Mack Brown and the Texas offense clams up against great defenses (OU).

    Bucks: 24
    UT: 7
    This is barring any arrests, suspensions, deaths, firings, or anything away from the field that would remove someone from the sidelines on 9/10.
  10. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

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