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tBBC Todd Sibley “Asked” to Grayshirt: Questionable Decision on Urban’s Part

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, May 17, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Todd Sibley “Asked” to Grayshirt: Questionable Decision on Urban’s Part
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    On Monday’s episode of Script Ohio, Joe Dexter hosted a bit of a discussion on Urban Meyer’s decision to “offer” a gray shirt to 2017 running back commit Todd Sibley.

    Once you click to the show, you can see I was in a bit of disagreement with the guests on this. I suggest that you give the show (22 minutes) a good listen, it’s an interesting discussion. It is well worth your time. Below, I’ll come out with my reasons why I think Urban is full of shit with this decision.

    Both sides don’t do it

    Spare me the “recruits decommit, too’ pablum. Sibley may have been asked to take a grey shirt, but this was a fait accompli; the decision had been made to pull his scholarship for a newer, shinier model. Perhaps, as Chuck suggested, Todd viewed himself as a “commodity”.

    It’s conjecture, but let’s assume it’s true. The problem with the “commodity” view is that the valuation of commodities fluctuates over time. Maybe the more accurate mindset is a player is a ‘resource’.

    The “adults in the room”, nominally, have the power in this relationship. There are far more players capable of playing college ball than there are scholarship opportunities. You (the high school student) may be providing the “supply”, but I (the coach) am controlling the ‘demand’.

    Half-baked decision-making

    There seemed to be the implication that higher”rated” recruits that Sibley are coming on board at Ohio State. We’ll discount that OSU’s staff considers recruiting service “star ratings” as a guide, since they are notoriously fickle. Since the OSU staff felt that Sibley was “good enough” to be offered a scholarship, then then pull the scholarship, the decision makers are making some flawed decisions.

    Look, if the kid was good enough to be offered a scholarship, then (lacking evidence to the contrary) he’s good enough to maintain that status. Urban, please explain why Sibley fell out of your favor.

    What price loyalty?

    Sibley was a, relatively, long standing commit to the Ohio State program. We have an Ohio “kid” who seems to be pretty good, good enough to have been offered a scholarship, and wants to play at OSU. From OSU’s perspective, that has to be a pretty good situation. Identify talent early in the process, then lock them into being a Buckeye.

    This works fine, until a school decides that they don’t wan’t to take you to the dance. Yes, Sibley’s grey shirt ‘offer’ is a year out from him being on campus. So, if there was a question on his worthiness, why extend an offer so early in the process?

    Not helping recruiting

    This nonsense is just, IMO, going to make the recruiting effort a bit harder. A player gets an early offer from Ohio State.. is it legit or is it ‘until I find someone better? Two things: you can bet that other schools will use this against Ohio State and you can bet it will delay the decision-making process of the high school kids later in the recruiting process.

    Urban says he wants to “build a fence around Ohio” regarding recruiting. His actions are going a lot further than his words.

    In my worldview, no one has ever ‘walked on water’, least of all Urban Meyer.

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