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Triva Quiz ... Ohio Stadium

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by 3yardsandacloud, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    Well the offseason is a bit slow. I thought I'd throw out a little Buckeye Trivia so we can kill some time. The first part is on Ohio Stadium. If anyone likes it I'll also add a quiz on players, coaches, etc. Let me know if I should post the answers here (on this thread) or if you want to make this a competition where everyone lists their answers and we crown a winner (that might be hard since everyone will see everyone else's answers). Oh well, let's kill some clock.

    Ohio Stadium Trivia

    ... if you don't know 1/2 of these your Buckeye Fan Membership may be revoked. If you don't know the first question please leave this site and never return.

    1Q: What is Ohio Stadium's nickname?

    2Q: What river runs along the West side of Ohio Stadium?

    3Q: Is the open end of Ohio Stadium on the North or the South of the Stadium?

    4Q: Where are the odd numbered gates located? West side or East?

    5Q: Was the field raised or lowered during the recent renovation ... how much?

    6Q: What is located adjacent to Ohio Stadium (on the South) to honor each OSU All American?

    7Q: What numbers are retired and hanging in Ohio Stadium?

    8Q: What is the current permanent seating capacity of Ohio Stadium?

    TOUGH ... time to separate the casual fan from the diehard Buckeye. Again, 1/2 right is impressive, more than that and you bleed scarlet & gray.

    9Q: Where did the Buckeyes play football before Ohio Stadium was built?

    10Q: Who was the OSU player credited with building Ohio Stadium?

    11Q: What year was artificial turf installed in Ohio Stadium?
    11Bonus Q: When did natural grass return as the playing surface?

    12Q: What was the original permanent seating capacity of Ohio Stadium?

    13Q: What was the original cost of Ohio Stadium?

    14Q: What was the cost of the recent renovation project?

    15Q: Who did OSU play against (team/opponent) in the first game at the Horseshoe?

    16Q: What is the address of Ohio Stadium?

    17Q: What is the phone number of Ohio Stadium?

    18Q: What was the first Night Game played at Ohio Stadium (team/opponent & date)?

    19Q: What is the height of the current flagpole (from grade level)?

    20Q: What is the width of the current scoreboard?
    20Bonus Q: What is the height and width of the Video Screen?

    21Q: How many Luxury Suites are there?

    22Q: Where is the "Lost and Found" at Ohio Stadium?

    RIDICULOUS ... if you know these your name might be Jack Park and you've got the Buckeye bug REAL bad. You have too much information and need to start you very own Buckeye web site.

    23Q: What architect designed Ohio Stadium?

    24Q: How many (attendance) showed for the dedication game of Ohio Stadium on October 21, 1922?

    25Q: How many acres does the playing surface currently comprise?

    26Q: What was the cost of the original flagpole?

    27Q: What are the inscriptions on the four towers at Ohio Stadium?

    28Q: When was Ohio Stadium added to the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service?

    29Q: How many games were played at Ohio Stadium before the first overtime game?
  2. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    1A: The Shoe or The Horseshoe.
    2A: The Olentangy River
    3A: South (Rotunda is on the North end)
    4A: West (even numbered gates are on the East)
    5A: Lowered by 14 feet 6 inches
    6A: Buckeye Grove. A Buckeye Tree is planted for each OSU All American
    7A: 22-Horvath, 27-Goerge , 31-Janowicz, 40-Cassady, 45-Griffin
    8A: 101,568

    9A: Ohio Field
    10A: Chic Harley. Ohio Stadium is referred to as "The House that Harley Built".
    11A: 1971
    11Bonus A: 1990
    12A: 62,210 (some sources, the architect, originally list it as 62,110)
    13A: $1.341 million (different sources report the figure as high as 1.6 million)
    14A: $194 million
    15A: Ohio Wesleyan, Oct. 7, 1922
    16A: 411 Woody Hayes Drive • Columbus, Ohio 43210
    17A: (614) 292-7572
    18A: September 14, 1985 versus Pittsburgh (W, 10-7)
    19A: 146 feet (162 feet with 16 feet in ground)
    20A: 158 feet 2 inches
    20Bonus A: 30 feet high and 90 feet wide
    21A: 81 (although Turner Construction, the contractor, lists 82)
    22A: Lost and Found is located in the northeast ticket booth in the stadium rotunda

    23A: Howard Dwight Smith
    24A: 71,385 against Michigan Oct. 21, 1922.
    25A: 1.6 acres
    26A: $381
    27A; “For Health”; “For Strength”; “For Vigor”; “For Spirit”; “For Courage”;* “For Loyalty”; “For Concourse and Comradeship”; and “For Friendship Through Contest.”
    28A: March 22, 1974
    29A: 471. September 13, 2003 OSU 44 versus NCState 38 ... the 472nd game.

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