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Wayne Woodrow "Woody" Hayes (5-time National Champion)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by 3yardsandacloud, May 5, 2004.

  1. Saw31

    Saw31 High Seas Rogue

    I have to ask. How in God's name does BretGoBlow get authorship of the official Woody Hayes thread? It's friggin disgraceful!!
  2. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    20 Years ago yesterday...

    Woody Hayes passed away. I was only ten years old when it happened, but was aware that a amazing man had just passed. I still remember my dad and his friends sitting out on the porch talking about him. Just dawned on me that it was yesterday...

    Some great Woody quotes...
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  3. WoodyWorshiper

    WoodyWorshiper THINK, Before You Speak

    No it's not Saw. Brett, like him or not is a fan of scUM which makes him a fan of the Ohio State/ Michigan rivalry and the respect that goes with it. Brett is simply the "starter" because nobody did it before him. Same way with if you go hit the scUM sites and see the outpouring of well wishes to Coach Schembechler's family after he passed the day before "The Game" from Buckeye fans. Hell, If I had caught that before a scUM fan I would have posted it there first and given my heartfelt condolences. Peace.
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  4. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

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  5. calibuck

    calibuck Too soon old, too late smart

    Remembering Woody

    I have asserted, and still do, that even twenty years after his passing, Woody could still be elected governor of Ohio.

    :gobucks3: :gobucks4: :banger: Many life lessons from this man. I remember going to the Monday Morning Quarterback club with my Dad (actually lunch meeting) and Anne Hayes was speaking. When asked if she had ever considered divorcing Woody, she answered, "Murder - yes. Divorce - never!". She, too, was a great person.

    I do try to live by the 'pay forward, not back' (my paraphrase) motto. It does work.
  6. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie

    An effort is underway to put a bronze statue of Woody on tOSU's campus. Assuming this happens, wherever they place it, my next trip to Columbus would include a visit to see this overdue tribute.


  7. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    And a lot of us will be right there beside you.
  8. LightningRod

    LightningRod Senior

    Phil Mickelson, love him or hate him, would bring a smile to the old man. Talk about chance happenings, the lives of Phil and Conrad Dobler intersecting.


  9. Awesome. It's about time; it'll add to the tradition and glory of entering Ohio Stadium for fans in a way similar to the other great venues in sports today.
  10. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Birthplace to honor Hayes

    By Kyle Nagel
    Staff Writer

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Even without a birth connection, the village of Clifton would still happily honor Woody Hayes.
    "We're almost all Buckeyes fans," said Steve McFarland, Clifton mayor.

    But in Clifton's case, there's extra reason to celebrate. The village of 170 situated in southern Clark County will honor Hayes, the legendary Ohio State football coach, during its annual Old Clifton Days Festival this weekend, including a street sign dedication and one-man play.

  11. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes

    [ame=]YouTube - Woody Hayes dots the 'I' during Script Ohio[/ame]
  12. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Hayes' clock was always set to Michigan game time

    Jim Naveau | - 11.16.2007

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]COLUMBUS ? Beyond the unwillingness to even say the word Michigan, beyond the refusal to buy gas north of the Ohio border, maybe the most enduring part of the legend of Woody Hayes? obsession with Ohio State?s annual football game against its biggest rival is the story of how he would have his teams practice for the Michigan game all year long.
    So, is it a myth, an urban legend concocted over the decades? Or is it true?
    It?s all true. Very true, according to some of the people who were there.
    Last week former coach Earle Bruce recalled how when he was an OSU assistant in 1971, Hayes had the team spend two days practicing for the Michigan game the week before a non-conference game against Colorado in September. And Colorado was ranked No. 10 at the time.
    Dave Cheney, a Lima attorney who was an all-Big Ten offensive lineman at OSU in 1970, remembers the year-around Michigan preparations.


  13. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie

    The Ozone's basketball coverage included this Woody story I hadn't heard before.


  14. Ttown

    Ttown WTH is an Illini? Dead goose?

    That 's like the Bus incident. :tongue2:
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  15. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    I'm the resident old fart on the board, old enough to remember listening to a Friday night broadcast from someplace called "Baa Tun Rou gze" and hearing the goings on of one Billy Cannon. That was the era of single platoon football and Cholly Mac (Actually Paul Dietzel, thanks to Tigerkid 05 for the correction) was winning games by throwing in a bunch of 2s and 3s and calling them "The Chinese Bandits." "Defensive specialists," he claimed, but it was great psychology. They played their hearts out in their one or two series a game and gave the 1s a much needed rest. It made me fascinated with LSU football, but then you came up on some lean times and you turned to one of Woody's own, a tough, hard nosed kid named Bo Rein to turn things around. He once impaled himself on a chain link fence going after a fly ball while playing outfield for the basball buckeyes. He was just starting to revitalize the LSU program when he disappeared into thin air... literally... flying his private jet to meet a recruit.

    I can understand that an outsider might look at Woody and see only the incident with Charlie Bauman of Clemson.

    I had the coach for his football class and will never forget the experience. On his first class he informed us that there would be a quiz at the end of each week and that the first ten questions would be on current events and the second ten would be about football. Note which came first. "You guys are going to be out there as teachers first and coaches second and that's as it should be. You're not much use to anyone if the only thing you know is football." Note also that the guy TAUGHT two courses, one on football and one on military history. When the campus was going to hell in a hand basket in 1970 it was Coach Hayes alone of all the faculty who was willing to come out on the campus and speak to the students. The rest of them, liberals and conservatives, hid in the offices. The man was a dynamo in finding ways to help or at least visit the kids at Children's Hospital. The day after he defeated USC and OJ Simpson he flew to Vietnam on a very low key, beneath the radar, visit to the troops.

    In an age when coaches are demanding and receiving outrageous sums of money it is well to remember that Woody insisted that he not be paid any more than the highest paid professor on the faculty. The man clearly understood that the mission of the university is to educate.

    And if that's why "y'all worship Woody Hayes to(o) much," then we are all seriously short of "too much" these days.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2007
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