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Wisky game.....

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by stxbuck, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. stxbuck

    stxbuck Woody wore Sambas

    What time does the Wisky game kick off? I have a ticket but have to be back in Dayton for a HS game for the team that I am on the staff of. If it kicks off at 1:00, or 12:30 i can go and get back in time, but 3:30 I am screwed......
  2. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    can i have your tickets if youre screwed?

    <TABLE borderColor=#990000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width=590 border=2><TBODY><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Day</TD><TD>Date</TD><TD>Opponent</TD><TD>Location</TD><TD>TV</TD><TD width=100>Outcome/Time</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>09/04/2004</TD><TD>Cincinnati (1)</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD>ESPN Regional</TD><TD width=100>W, 27-6

    Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Photo Gallery | Gametracker | .pdf Box Score

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD>Sat</TD><TD>09/11/2004</TD><TD>Marshall</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD>ABC</TD><TD width=100>W, 24-21

    Recap | Box Score | Quotes | Notes | Gametracker | .pdf Box Score

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>09/18/2004</TD><TD>North Carolina State</TD><TD>Raleigh, NC</TD><TD>ABC</TD><TD width=100>W, 22-14

    Recap | Box Score | Notes | Gametracker | .pdf Box Score

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD>Sat</TD><TD>10/02/2004</TD><TD>Northwestern</TD><TD>Evanston, IL</TD><TD>ESPN2</TD><TD width=100>9:00 PM

    [​IMG] Listen | Gametracker

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>10/09/2004</TD><TD>Wisconsin</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD>ABC</TD><TD width=100>3:30 PM

    [​IMG] Listen | Gametracker

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD>Sat</TD><TD>10/16/2004</TD><TD>Iowa</TD><TD>Iowa City, IA</TD><TD></TD><TD width=100>TBA

    [​IMG] Listen

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>10/23/2004</TD><TD>Indiana (3)</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD></TD><TD width=100>TBA

    [​IMG] Listen | Gametracker

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD>Sat</TD><TD>10/30/2004</TD><TD>Penn St</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD></TD><TD width=100>TBA

    [​IMG] Listen | Gametracker

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>11/06/2004</TD><TD>Michigan St</TD><TD>East Lansing, MI</TD><TD></TD><TD width=100>TBA

    [​IMG] Listen

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD>Sat</TD><TD>11/13/2004</TD><TD>Purdue</TD><TD>West Lafayette, IN</TD><TD></TD><TD width=100>TBA

    [​IMG] Listen

    </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD>Sat</TD><TD>11/20/2004</TD><TD>Michigan</TD><TD>Columbus, OH</TD><TD>ABC</TD><TD width=100>1:00 PM

    [​IMG] Listen | Gametracker


    looks like 3:30.....sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo can i have them tickets?
  3. OSU5NC

    OSU5NC Newbie

    Sorry to say this, but I think it starts at 330.

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