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2008 '08 PA TE/WR Jonathan Baldwin (Pitt Signee)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by wadc45, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Rivals Profile
    Scout Profile


    Aliquippa (PA) Aliquippa

    Ht: 6-foot-6
    Wt: 215 lbs
    Forty: 4.5 secs

    BG $


    By BK...Baldwin has offers for football from Notre Dame, Gerogia Tech, Pitt, West Virginia, Michigan and Penn State and offers for basketball from Marquette and Pitt. OSU has begun recruiting him as well.
  2. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    From watching the limited film and from everything I have read, this kid is an absolute stud...hopefully and offer is headed his way soon.
  3. cheetah

    cheetah Newbie

    Big time athlete. His dad played football at Pitt and Aliquippa is very pro-Pitt. Could be a tough get.
  4. I have been hearing Michigan might be the early leader here...

    Top 5 talent in PA next year and they are very top heavy with Pryor, Hale, Baldwin, and Holley...All four could be 5 star type players and should all be top 100 for sure...
  5. Cornerback6

    Cornerback6 Optimism Lover

    If we snag Pryor early, maybe he can get some of his fellow PA players to hop on board. Would be a GREAT in for us.
  6. cheetah

    cheetah Newbie

    By the way, Lucas Nix is a big time OL/DL that will be a top 5 possibility in PA, too. But he is very pro-Pitt. But you're right on the other four of the five.
  7. Altoona's A.J. Alexander will definitely be a top 5 PA player along with Baldwin, Pryor, Holley, and Hale.

    I think landing Pryor might actually make it less likely to land Baldwin in that although they would complement each other on the football field, thy are about the same size, and, apparently, would play the same position on the basketball court. Minutes would be hard enough for them to come by given the talent level on the basketball squad, but competing against a higher ranked "walkon" (Pryor) qould make it even harder to see much time.
  8. cheetah

    cheetah Newbie

    Alexander is top 5 caliber, too. It looks like there are actually six great talents in PA next year, the first time in awhile. As for Baldwin, his football and basketball teammate, Brandon Lindsey, a 4 star LB, just chose Pitt. That school gets a ton if stars move through there, like Mike Ditka, Sean Gilbert, and Darrelle Revis, but the only one that didn't go to Pitt was Ty Law. Combine that with his dad being a former Pitt player, and I would be very surprised if he went anywhere but Pitt.
  9. Mgoblue29

    Mgoblue29 Banned

  10. westbuck04

    westbuck04 Wildcard, b*tches

    Can you stop putting "Go Blue!" after all your posts? For all of us, pal.
  11. Mgoblue29

    Mgoblue29 Banned

    Okay, my bad that was the last time.
  12. He has not been shy about leading on who is leader is...
  13. Cornerback6

    Cornerback6 Optimism Lover

    The thing about Baldwin is that we're looking at so many great big speed athletes next year that if he heads to scUM it might not sting too much. With Moore, Rudolph, Stoneburner & a few others...we should be in good shape at the TE/big WR spot.

    Nice offer list at such an early stage. Definitely deserves some props there.
  14. It can't sting if you never had a chance...

    Well unless it is an Ohio boy...
  15. super_mario

    super_mario Newbie

    Baldwin is also a cousin of Ty Law's IIRC. He's got great genes obviously.

    Once again, proves that every kid that plays football in that part of that state are related to eachother or have some relation to a well-known college/pro football player.

    Baldwin might be favoring Michigan right now, but then again Ronald Johnson and Dionte Allen were at the same point. Until Baldwin comes out and commit to Michigan, I'm not buying the he's a lean to Michigan.
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