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Big Ten Conference Divisions

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by MililaniBuckeye, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    David and Goliath Divisions? Why would you put you're three best programs in one division? This is going to be nothing short of the SEC East and West in terms of imbalance. Insane.
  2. jwinslow

    jwinslow You know... not... GOOD! Staff Member

    Because it is stupid to diminish your best product for the sake of equality, especially if the others aren't capable of holding their end of the production.

    OSU is not the must win game for Michigan in the current alignment, sparty is. All so that the big two can rarely meet for a rematch in consecutive weeks (it would have happened three times in the last decade if you apply the existing history to the current alignments)

    If you are worried about divisional balance, get ND on board. They are doing a fine job backing them into that corner
  3. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    So you make a three loss Wisconsin the perpetual challenger for the Rose Bowl trip against a no loss/one loss Michigan, Ohio State, (or in another seven years) Penn State?

    And if you DO back ND into a corner, you guarantee them a damn near free pass to the CCG?

    I'm a) against a CCG/CCT that invalidates the regular season to begin with.
    b) loading one division in the hope that Wisconsin or Nebraska will be consistently able to balance the power out.
  4. Mike80

    Mike80 I speeka da eennggglieesshhhh

    Have you seen NoSuch Dame for the last 25 years? :lol:
  5. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    I'm confused. Only Ohio State and scUM are in the East. Nebraska is in the West.
  6. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

  7. JBaney45

    JBaney45 Junior

    Putting Ohio State and Michigan in the same division is the right call. There is one more thing that I'd really like to see that I haven't really heard anyone suggest or mention.

    I want to see the last regular season game on the Big Ten schedule get pushed back to the week before thanksgiving. Let thanksgiving weekend be the bye week and then play the conference title game. There is a laundry list of reasons I am in favor of this from both the Big Ten and Ohio State's perspective:

    #1 A lot of Big Ten teams play a rivalry game in that last week, give them time to recover from the physicality of the game. I've heard many Ohio State players talk about being unable to walk for a few days after the Michigan game.

    On the converse of that: prevent the "looking ahead" mentality when it comes to that last game. Say you already have the conference locked up and/or your rival is coached by Rich Rod. Last thing you want to start have happening is questioning how much certain guys should play or have coaches trying to rest players.

    #2 Gives Big Ten fans more time to make travel arrangements. The geography of our conference is expanding and their are several teams quite a ways from indianapolis. Not every fan wants to buy tickets, book hotels or even take time off work for a game they aren't sure their team is going to be playing in. It would be tragic if Maryland/Rutgers fans wouldnt be able to attend if their team made the conference championship *wink wink nod nod*

    #3 Gives the Big Ten more time to "hype up" the game.

    #4 Eliminates playing what is potentially the coldest regular season game.

    #5 Gives the players an opportunity to potentially spend the holiday with their families.

    #6 The 2 week preparation serves as a mini "bowl/playoff prep" type atmosphere with having the extra week. Maybe the teams will perform better in the postseason as a result :)

    #7 Allows a lot of the students to not have to choose between thanksgiving weekend with their families and attending the big game.

    Last and obviously least: moves the mirror lake jump back to it's proper night :)
  8. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    No brainer: MSU = East, Purdue = West.
  9. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Last 25 years? OK

    ND v Purdue 21 - 5 OSU v Purdue 14 - 5
    ND v MSU 14 - 10 OSU v MSU 12 - 5
    ND v UM 11 - 10 -1 OSU v UM 13 -12 -1

    ND Winning Pctg against Big 10 teams all time = .686 Last 25 years = .618

    OSU All time against Big 10 = .726 last 25 = .741

  10. IronBuckI

    IronBuckI Calmer than you are.

    I agree. I don't know if I've posted this suggestion here, but I do remember including this idea in my comments to the B1G's survey about the divisions. I would love to see a two week buffer between the end of the regular season and the CCG.
  11. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16...

    This is smart.
  12. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16...

    Don't forget OSU vs ND 3-0
    MililaniBuckeye likes this.
  13. If they're switched, Sparty in the West, Purdue in the East, then that provides a little more competitive balance.
    Buckeye86 likes this.
  14. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    I'm not sure it a 100% no brainer; in all fairness to the Purdue & Indiana you have to give some consideration to their rivalry. As far as for the Buckeyes it doesn't make to much difference; both are about the same distance from Columbus and both have played us tough several times over the years.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2013
  15. jwinslow

    jwinslow You know... not... GOOD! Staff Member

    PSU should be the third best (if not second during brief stretches) program in the league. Instead they are inexcusably mediocre. Sure, Jim Tressel shut down their pipeline of Kijana, Enis, McDuffie types, but they have been getting outrecruited in their own state by lowly Pitt for most of that same span.

    Maybe they'll recover. They should, but then they should have won more league titles than Northwestern.

    Until they stop failing, I don't want to hear any 'third best' talk. They aren't in Wisconsin's zipcode, who is doing it with 1/20th as much incoming talent (on paper).

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