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Game Thread tOSU @ Virginia Tech, Sep 7 2015 @ 8pm ET, ESPN

Discussion in '2015 Football Season Capsule' started by maximumblitz, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. One Youtuber has uploaded the game. Only 360p, so hopefully we get a better one really soon

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  2. Coqui

    Coqui Senior

    I support women's volleyball

    All kidding aside, one of my friends is on the team.
  3. lightyears2012

    lightyears2012 Freshman

    Not to take anything away from Fuller, but Thomas beat him every time the ball was thrown his way. I couldn't say how many times Thomas was designed to be the primary receiver, but 2 catches including a TD and a HUGE pass interference penalty on the 3 targets
    says a lot imo.
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  4. VT Grad

    VT Grad Freshman

    View from inside the stadium. Lane Stadium was a blast all night, really proud of our fans. All the Ohio State fans I met were great as well and it was a hell of a way to kick off the season.


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  5. Jguilty

    Jguilty Newbie

    Hell yeah, thanks for posting the vid ! 360 is better than highlights on loop
  6. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Hated waiting around for Monday night. Tuesday morning sucked.

    BUT, it was cool realizing just how much the rest of the country was watching. It was the Buckeyes' showcase all to themselves with little else to discuss in the sports world. Pretty much everyone at work was talking about how good they are, how loaded they are....oh and something about some guy's spin move.
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  7. ShowMeBuck

    ShowMeBuck You know what? Chicken butt.

    I was pretty hungover all day. And it felt great. 9 beers, 2 per quarter and one to celebrate the W. Damn I'm getting to be a light weight.
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  8. buckeyemania11

    buckeyemania11 HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE!!! Former BPCFFB II Champ '18 Bowl Upset Contest Winner

    Thomas beat him on a slant for a first down on third down early in the game too, he could be in for some big days against lesser Ds
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  9. AuburnBuckeye

    AuburnBuckeye Go Bucks

    If Chester Cheetah is somehow cool/funny/entertaining enough to be worthy of not only an avatar but a custom user title, maybe regular season Phillies V Braves is just awesome enough to be beyond your comprehension
  10. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    I hope that 100 years from now there will be a trivia question asking when the long standing post-game tradition of singing Carmen Ohio was started.

    Thank you Coach Tressel.
  11. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.



    It’s fair to say expectations are sky high in Columbus this season for Ohio State. It’s also fair to say those expectations put on the Buckeyes are justified.

    After all, Ohio State is the defending national champion. It returned 15 starters from that 2014 team that won the first-ever College Football Playoff and was voted as the very first unanimous No. 1 team in the preseason AP poll.

    And while that may be an awful lot of hype for any college football team, the Buckeyes very much fit the bill Monday night. One could even argue they have exceeded those expectations a bit in a 42-24 victory on the road at Virginia Tech, looking every bit the part of the No. 1 team in the country.

    Well, to everyone but the head coach anyway.

    “Little disappointed in our point of attack, both offensive and defensive line,” Urban Meyer said following the victory. “But overall, we’ll take that win against a very good team in a tough environment.”

    Entire article:
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  12. Buckeyebred97

    Buckeyebred97 Senior

    Unrelated to this game(sort of) pretty comical seeing these 'West Virginia fans' on social media from back home saying how OSU has a cupcake schedule. I suppose they should should have scrapped the Virginia Tech game for a powerhouse like Georgia Southern or Liberty, or Baylors openers SMU and Lamar. Real prime time games!:lol:
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  13. Crump's brother

    Crump's brother Moxahala Park Carnie/ Rehoboth Strangler

    Let it go. At the end of the day they still live in West Virginia.
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  14. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Ten Things We Learned from Ohio State's 42-24 Win at Virginia Tech


    Ohio State opened their 2015 football season with an impressive 42-24 win in Blacksburg against the Virginia Tech Hokies. While the Buckeyes were expected to win, it wasn't always easy — until it was.

    What did we learn from the Buckeyes' on again, off again domination? Let's take a look.

    1. Braxton is still Braxton.


    Oh man. Braxton Miller hadn't been seen on a football field since the Orange Bowl following the 2013 season and all he does in his re-debut is touch the ball eight times for 140 yards with two touchdowns and wins the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. He may be playing a brand new position, but this was Braxton the Playmaker that we have always known.

    He started out slowly, but a diving catch got the momentum going, and in the third quarter he took over all forms of social media — probably even MySpace — with his two Braxtonian touchdowns. How big was that spin move? My wife, who avoids sports like I avoid spiders, knew about it and was asking me about it because everybody she knew was talking about it.

    It was great to see him back on the field, but it was even better seeing him as we remembered him. Watching him in the Virginia Tech press box, the Ohio State beat in attendance wasn't surprised by what they saw. The VT media, however, might still be in a bit of disbelief.

    2. Tyquan Lewis was as advertised.

    In the spring, Joey Bosa said that it was going to be nice to have another explosive pass rusher like himself at the opposite defensive end spot, and it was pretty clear that he was correct. Even though Bosa did not receive any of the benefit of having Tyquan Lewis on the field with him, the rest of the defense sure did.

    Lewis finished with six tackles, two tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks. He also added a quarterback hurry for good measure. He was active and productive, and he appears to be just getting started. After the game Lewis said that the Virginia Tech offensive line was tipping pass plays, so we'll have to see if he can continue his production when things become more of a guessing game.

    3. Curtis Samuel sure looks like a receiver now.



    Entire article:
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  15. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    Interesting on 3 and 4. I thought Brewer was below average (obviously better than Motley), and the running game and defense are what gave VT the lead at halftime (with the help from some OSU screwups). That FB who scored on the long TD looked like the best player on your offense. He was hard to bring down. I don't give much credit at all to Brewer for that was a great play call and a heck of a job by the FB to juke Eli Apple to get into the end zone.

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