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New Basketball Practice Facility

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by Buckskin86, May 26, 2010.

  1. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    The Lantern - Athletic Department: Basketball practice facility needs $17.4 million more

    The Lantern - Basketball facility would provide practice area, award storage
  2. fanaticbuckeye

    fanaticbuckeye Rule number one, I'm number one. NCAA14 PS3 Champ

    I just sent $5 and a box of old Robin Yount and George Brett baseball cards to help out with the fund-raising. I hope that closes the gap significantly.
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  3. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun

    You should at least ask them to name the building after you if you are going to pay for it.
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  5. fanaticbuckeye

    fanaticbuckeye Rule number one, I'm number one. NCAA14 PS3 Champ

    I am not in it for the fame. Just doing my part.
  6. coastalbuck

    coastalbuck And this one belongs to the Reds! Staff Member

    I've got a George Brett signed golf flag, I'd hate to part with it though...
  7. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    Not going to happen anytime soon without a much bigger increase in the profit area.

    Buckeyes back in black financially | BuckeyeXtra
  8. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

  9. CHU

    CHU Newbie

    Just for the long term, I understand the compromise but do not like it (or agree with it). Considering what the competition is doing -- this is an Arms Race afterall -- downsizing may not be the best idea for the long term (unless the new plans call for negligible differences).

    Fundraising is part of the Director of Athletics job and Ohio State just gave Gene Smith a raise. Start fundraising with vigor.

    It somewhat makes me irate that myself and my family donate a good amount annually and the athletic department is building a $5 million boathouse rather than filtering money to more viable sports.

    However, I'm sure if Matta's team does well in the NCAA Tournament in the next few years, that would help in terms of fundraising.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
  10. OmahaBeef

    OmahaBeef Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic

    Define "more viable." Student athletes in sports other than basketball and football deserve opportunities to find personal growth through athletics.
  11. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  12. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  13. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  14. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  15. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

  16. DZ83CK

    DZ83CK Not Banned

    Well, those other schools might be making practice facility improvements and some renovations, but the Schott is still a lot more impressive facility than almost any other arena in the Big Ten.

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