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Paid Out:
NCAA Basketball

(18) TTUN @ (20) Ohio State

MD Buckeye, Feb 11, 2014

This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Feb 12, 2014
  1. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    Our offense is drive into a crowd and turn it over or hoist a 3..we need an offensive guru as an assistant..
  2. Mike80

    Mike80 Avenge Woody

    You need to check the stats, LSJr is only 3 of 9 from 3. No one is a good 3 point shooter on this team in game.
  3. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    Not that it matters, but Lenzelle is 3-9 from three point land. Not exactly good.
  4. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    Would've liked to have seen this team show some of the fight (particularly on the inside) that they showed against Iowa, who has way more talent on the inside than UM does...
  5. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    There's nothing to "figure out" with this team anymore. I've said it all year, they are what they are. When you are that bad as a group offensive, they have a limit, and we've seen that peak- with the previous couple wins. That's when things are great.

    The overall norm is that they will have bad, on down to complete clunkers as a team. Spoilers at best for this year's group.
    LitlBuck likes this.
  6. scarletmike

    scarletmike Researching the Magic!

    Fuck scUM. That is all.
  7. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    UM outscored OSU by 14 in the second half. Anytime I see that big of a second half disparity in the score, I think it comes back to coaching. I said it earlier in this thread, but I think after about the first 10-12 minutes, Beilein saw that his team had an excellent chance if they could make it a half court game. That's why you saw them claw back to within 4 at the half and then totally blow OSU's doors off in the second half.
  8. Bill Lucas

    Bill Lucas Senior

    What "we" need is players that are adept at putting the ball in the basket. No guru in the world is going to turn unproductive offensive players into productive offensive players.
  9. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    I think this is just about spot on. The frustrating part is when even the team's strengths don't go well (Craft turning the ball over, Scott getting abused by Walton, Williams and McDonald not giving OSU any inside presence, an atrocious (even for this team's standards) night shooting the 3).
  10. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    Run an offensive set and get an open shot..a 10 footer is easier to make than a three or a contested layup.
  11. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    I think his point is that a guru could put the ball in the hands of the players who are most adept at putting the ball in the basket. Not to single him out, but Scott has made 2 of his last 19 three pointers. Having him shoot threes is not a productive use of offensive possessions.
  12. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    What it really comes down, to the offensive game of our Mc Donalds AA never developed. Scott, Thompson and Williams.
  13. mendensa

    mendensa Senior

    Especially after they were 6-8 from the floor in the 1st 5 minutes and every point was from 2 feet out except one foul shot. 2nd half stand-around half court offense is mind-blowing. They moved the ball well and attacked the rim the entire first half. And the shot selection......Don't even get me started. 2nd half, the ball didn't move, no one moved w/o the ball and Amir continues to at least appear disinterested in playing offense or defense when the game is on the line....What the hell Amir???
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
  14. TDunk

    TDunk The Dunk Abides

    The team lacks offensive efficiency. Do they play inside-out? Not really because the bigs don't demand the ball enough to be a huge scoring threat. Do they attack from the outside? I hope not. So if the bigs don't garner any attention, then opposing bigs can play off the drives. And if the team can't hit threes, then those players can slouch down into the lanes. I don't blame the entire coaching staff. This seems to be a mental issue. Hell I have a better looking shot than Craft. But he would have a higher percentage in games.

    The team has athleticism but just seems to be one piece away from figuring it all out. What that is, is what Thad gets paid for. Because I got nothing, except beards.
  15. mendensa

    mendensa Senior

    Definitely agree.

    Scott: solid defender
    Thompson: highlight-reel dunker/above average defender
    Amir: not quite sure yet

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